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May 13, 2024


Dear Jackson Memorial High School Graduates and Parents/Guardians:                                             


Congratulations! The Commencement Ceremony for the Class of 2024  is only a few short weeks away. This two-page document addresses key elements of this year’s ceremony, including details related to whether it will be held outdoors or indoors. Please keep this as a reference and read it together with your graduate.



  • Graduation for the Jackson Memorial Class of 2024 is scheduled for Tuesday, June 18, at 2:30 p.m. outdoors on the Munley Athletic Field. (See below for instructions if we have to move it indoors.)

  • Graduates must arrive at 1:30 p.m. Graduates only will report to the Fine Arts Auditorium.  

  • Each student will receive SEVEN (7) tickets for family members for the outdoor ceremony. Each family member will need to present a ticket to enter the stadium.

  • Written requests for additional outdoor tickets may be directed to the principal and will be considered. Please make your request for 2 additional outdoor tickets by Friday, June 7th. You will be notified if your request can be filled.



  • If inclement weather forces us to move indoors, the ceremony will continue to take place at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 18, 2024 - but will be held inside the Fine Arts Center at JMHS.

  • Graduates must arrive at 1:30 p.m. and report to the Clayton Gym.

  • Each student will receive TWO (2) tickets for admission into the Fine Arts Auditorium to view the indoor graduation ceremony in person. 

  • Others can view the ceremony on Optimum Cablevision channel 77 or via (or by searching “Jackson Television” on YouTube).



  • Every effort will be made to hold the ceremony outside on the Munley Athletic Field. 

  • We will make a final decision on the location no later than 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 18. Waiting until this time allows us the best chance of having the ceremony outside and allows time to set up for the JTV broadcast.

  • We encourage you to view the district website - - for any updates and to view the current status of the location of the ceremony.

  • If we are moving inside, we will use our automated calling and email system to notify families.



Students - plan to arrive on campus in time to park and walk to the Fine Arts Auditorium (or Clayton Gym if indoors). Please remember that parking is not permitted on the shoulder of Don Connor Boulevard and cars parked there will be subject to ticketing.



While lightweight clothing under the gown is appropriate, appearance is extremely important. Shirts, ties, long pants, dresses, and comfortable shoes are appropriate for this event. Shoes with high heels can create problems both inside and out. Students are not permitted to carry any items during the ceremony such as purses/bookbags.  



A photographer from Normandy Studio will be taking a picture of each graduate as he or she receives his/her diploma. You can then view and pre-purchase photo packages from Normandy Studios on their website, and place your order with Normandy Studio. No one will be allowed on the track to take photographs.



This ceremony will be filmed live and broadcast on JTV (Cablevision’s Channel 77) and DVDs of the ceremony will be available for purchase. See for a DVD order form.



Practice will be held on Monday, June 17th, and Tuesday, June 18th at 7:30 a.m.

  • Graduation practice is mandatory and any student who does not attend practice (unless prior administrative permission has been given) will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony.  

  • Students should park in the student lot and report to the Fine Arts Auditorium for practice. Caps and gowns as well as tickets for the ceremony will be given out on June 18th, provided all fines, and other obligations are fulfilled, and Chromebooks are returned in good working condition. 

  • Students should be aware that appropriate conduct is expected during graduation practices.



Participation in graduation is a privilege, therefore, I’m asking that the following rules be discussed with your graduate:

  • For safety reasons, no large containers, backpacks, or bags are allowed inside the building, the graduation area, or the campus grounds including the football stadium.

  • Students are reminded to not bring personal property such as purses and keys.  There are no provisions to secure such items.

  • Misconduct during the final days of school may result in denial of participation in the ceremony and seniors on conduct probation through graduation are not permitted to participate.

  • Misconduct during the graduation ceremony or the graduation practices may result in removal from the ceremony.

  • As a reminder, failure to attend graduation practices will result in not participating in the graduation ceremony.

  • Air horns are a distraction to the formality of the ceremony and are prohibited.

  • If there is any reason to believe that a student is under the influence of drugs/alcohol, he or she will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony.



Chromebook collection will take place as you arrive at the auditorium for graduation practice on Monday, June 17th.  Failure to return your device/charger, and any damages, will result in a fine that must be paid before the student can receive a cap, gown, and tickets for graduation.   



All books, Chromebook/electronic devices, uniforms, equipment, etc. must be returned, or fines paid, before the student receives a cap, gown, and tickets. Fines are posted in student portal accounts and a list can be found in the Fine Arts Office. All fines should be paid in full before the morning of June 18th.  


We are looking forward to celebrating the Class of 2024, and we extend our congratulations to our graduates and to their parents and guardians. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in making this occasion joyous, memorable, safe, and dignified for all graduates and their families.



Kevin DiEugenio

JMHS Principal