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Elms Principal Message - Welcome Back! September 2020

September 3, 2020

Dear Elms Family, 

We are so happy to welcome you back to school! While many aspects of this ‘back to school’ season may look differently than they have in previous years, please find comfort in knowing your children are being welcomed into the same warm, nurturing environment with a faculty dedicated to both the children’s academic and social-emotional needs. 


Back to School Nights: Next week Elms will be hosting our 1st Virtual Back to School Night.

  • BTSN for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 is scheduled for Monday, September 21st
  • BTSN for Grades 3, 4, and 5 is scheduled for Wednesday September 23rd.


Two sessions are offered for parents to Google-Meet with their child’s teachers. The first session will begin promptly at 7:00pm and a second session is scheduled for 7:30pm. The second session allows parents with two children in the given grade levels an opportunity to meet with both teachers. Parents can also use the second session to meet with a special area teacher, related service provider or other certified support staff. Special area teachers and most support staff will be available to “Google-Meet” virtually on Wednesday September 23rd.


On the morning of BTSN, a Youtube Principal Welcome Video will be emailed to our families. We encourage you to view this informational video prior to the scheduled Google-Meet with the teacher. Parents can find the link for the Google-Meet on the teacher’s class page on the Elms website. All links for the Google-Meets will be posted by 6:30 PM.






Many thanks to the custodial staff who have taken the utmost care to ensure the school building is thoroughly cleaned and safety protocols are in place for our grand re-opening. Additional thanks to our amazing office staff who have worked tirelessly organizing and preparing with plans that were often in flux. Additionally, our enthusiastic PTN is gearing up to welcome families and offer support to our teachers embarking on a very unique school year. 


First Day Expectations/Google Classroom Codes:

Please check your child’s school gmail inbox for a new email from your child’s teacher. This email will include directions on how to join the teacher’s Google Classroom. All homeroom teachers will be sending the welcome email to their students by Monday, September 7th. In the email, the teacher’s Google Classroom Code will be published to allow access into the student’s Google Classroom. The link for the Google Classroom can be found on the teacher’s classpage located on the Elms Website. 

If your child is in Group 1; Tuesday, September 8th is a remote learning day for them. Teachers are looking forward to “virtually” meeting those remote students that afternoon at approximately 2:20PM. At that time, a link will be posted on each teacher’s Google Classroom page that will connect you to a ‘Google Meet’ so students can chat with their new teacher before they meet in person the next day. 


COVID Health-Screening Form: If your child is in Group 2, please make sure to submit your student COVID Health-Screening Form on the Parent Portal before school. All students are required to fill out the COVID Health-Screening Form each morning on their in-person day. If the health screening is not completed, students will not be admitted into the classroom. 


Drop Off Procedures: If you are dropping your child off to school in the morning on their in-person day, please use the car loop between 8:55 AM and 9:05 AM. Students who arrive later than 9:05 AM will need to be brought to the main entrance to sign in there. If you should have a need to park, please be aware that no parent will be permitted to cross the bus ramp from 8:55-9:05AM. A staff member will be stationed at the parking lot and will alert you when it is safe to cross. Students being dropped off must wear masks as they exit their vehicles to walk into school. 


New Procedure/Signing Your Child Out at Dismissal: Please be advised that parent pick up at dismissal time will no longer occur at the main entrance. During dismissal time, parent pick up will take place at the car loop only on the north side of the building.  Identification will be required and sign out procedures will be facilitated by school staff in a “drive through model”. Any parents picking up their child at dismissal will need to drive through the car loop. Due to the high volume of daily pick-up students will NOT be signed out between 1:20pm and 1:35 pm.

Any parents who have not completed the Carline form and wish to sign their child out at dismissal may be asked to wait at an assigned location near the car loop while Elms School dismisses and staff checks identification before proceeding with traditional sign out procedures. Parents, please know that Elms Elementary will have many parents picking up their children at the car loop in the afternoon. Student safety is our priority!  We appreciate your patience and support while we get used to this new routine as these protocols are new for both students and staff.


Lunch Expectations: It is strongly encouraged that students have breakfast at home prior to coming to school. A nutritious lunch will be available daily to all students.  Lunch will be distributed to an assigned lunch area during their designated lunch period.  Lunches will be served in a sealed container with individually wrapped utensils. The primary reason for this is to minimize any touch points in the building including the cafeteria. In order to assist with this, the Food Service Department will provide meals in “Grab and Go” bags. Lunch will contain the requisite nutritional components, including fruit and or 100% fruit juice with milk and vegetables. The menu will consist of a hot and cold meat/meat alternate option, low fat milk, fresh or canned fruit, vegetable or 100% fruit juice. Unfortunately at this time, no extra snacks will be available for purchase. 

During morning attendance, lunch orders will be taken for a period of two days. For example, students are asked who is ordering lunch for the day (tally taken) and who is ordering lunch for the next day (remote day). If students are ordering breakfast or lunch for the remote day, their lunch accounts will be charged accordingly.  Parents, please be sure to be clear with your child/children as to what day they are ordering lunch. You may also email or send a note in with your child about lunch orders. 

The in-person lunch will be delivered to the student at their scheduled lunch time. The remote day breakfast and lunch will be distributed to the classroom at the end of the in-person day for students to take home.  Please note and remind your child that eating on the bus is not permitted. 


Red, White and Blue Day: On Friday September 11th, all students [hybrid and remote] are invited to wear red white and blue in remembrance.  


On behalf of the entire Elms faculty and staff, we offer you a sincerely warm welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. We appreciate your cooperation and efforts to keep our students safe. 

Warm regards, 

Michael Burgos          Shawn Levinson          Dawn Cicco                                  Principal                     Assistant Principal       Administrative Intern