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Holman Celebrates Read Across America




Happy Read Across America Week!  Each year the Jackson Education Association celebrates the joys of reading and stories with a Read Across America event around the time of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, which is on March 2.  This year, Holman School is celebrating Read Across America with a Story Walk.  Families are invited to come to the Holman School campus to take a walk and read each page of our story.  Around the front of Holman School, beginning near the Door #17 entrance (to the left of the main lobby, near the north playground), you will see the pages of the book And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon posted on signs.  Find page #1 with the “Start Here” bright pink stars, and follow the book pages around the front of our school.  You can also listen to Holman Staff members read each page by clicking on the videos found below.  The Story Walk will be available outside of school for 2 weeks, beginning February 23 until March 4.  

We invite families to come and take the Story Walk after 3:30 (after school hours) during this time.  Thank you for celebrating Read Across America with us!

Click each page number to hear a Holman teacher read to you:

Page 1 - Read by Ms. Schadl

Page 2 - Read by Mrs. Macaluso/Mrs. Shilan

Page 3 - Read by Mrs. Albertino/Mrs. Mucia

Page 4 - Read by Mrs. Quartarone/Mrs. McDonald

Page 5 - Read by Mr. Karas

Page 6 - Read by Mrs. Malangone

Page 7 - Read by Mrs. Polhemus

Page 8 - Read by Mrs. Berger

Page 9 - Read by Mrs. Raney

Page 10 - No video

Page 11 - Read by Mrs. Galvin

Page 12 - Read by Mr. Hynes

Page 13  - Read by Mrs. Shields

Page 14 - Read by Mrs. McGill

Page 15 - Read by Mrs. Bueide

Page 16 - Read by Mrs. Morrison

Page 17 - Read by Mrs. Caloia

Page 18 - Read by Mrs. Milon

Page 19 - Read by Ms. Schiffman

Page 20 - Read by Mrs. Giovanni

Page 21 - Read by Ms. Lardieri

Page 22 - Read by Mrs. Lynch

Page 23 - Read by Mrs. Lykes

Page 24 - Read by Mrs. Many

Page 25 - Read by Ms. Elwell

Page 26 - Read by Mrs. Bosley

Page 27 - Read by Mrs. Castro

Page 28 - Read by Ms. Cerwinski

Page 29 - Read by Ms. Mayer

Page 30 - Read by Mrs. Mitchell

Page 31 - Read by Mrs. McHugh

Page 32 - Read by Ms. Schadl