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Halloween Parade

Thursday, October 31st, will be our Halloween Parade starting promptly at 10:30AM. The parade will begin with students exiting the kindergarten wing doors and proceeding past the main entrance, around the front of the building to the bus loop and along the sidewalk. Students will re-enter the building through the 1st/2nd grade wing door. Cones will be set up to mark the parade route. Visitors are encouraged to stand on either side of the cones creating a walkway for the students. A few important tips:

  • If you are coming only to view the parade, you may park on the bus ramp after all buses have left for morning drop-off. After the parade, you must promptly remove your vehicle.
  • If you are staying for a celebration in a classroom after the parade, you may not park in the bus parking area. Please find a traditional parking spot.
  • Parking will be an issue so may I suggest you give yourself time in the event you have to park at Camp Joy and walk up the hill to Johnson School.