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Does Your Child Need to Stay Home? Go Synchronous.

For Parents: Clarification on Synchronous Learning - Dec. 22, 2020

Dear Parents,

As we prepare for winter break, we hope all of our families enjoy some time to relax and recharge. Before we go, we wanted to send just a few reminders to make sure we are all ready to continue our In-Person Hybrid Synchronous when we return on Jan. 4th. We also want to clarify information about how synchronous learning can assist students who are not attending school in person due to quarantine orders or health concerns.

Does Your Child Need to Stay Home? Go Synchronous.

Ideally, students should be in school on all scheduled in-person days. There are situations, however, in which hybrid students are not permitted to attend school in-person temporarily (e.g. quarantine order, presumed positive or presumed exposed - see below). 

Additionally, you as a parent may have concerns that cause you to want to limit their in-person attendance temporarily. If so, you can avail yourself of the synchronous instruction we are providing to hybrid students and have them learn at home temporarily. To do this:

  • Contact your child’s teacher directly to let them know if you will be having your child learn remotely/synchronously on a temporary basis (i.e. for a few days).
  • Please be sure to include the reason and for how long you expect it to continue.

IMPORTANT: If you are wanting your child to learn synchronously on a full-time basis (meaning, they would not come back to in-person learning at all), you must contact your child’s principal to discuss that.

If your child falls into any of the categories or descriptions below, they can learn remotely on our synchronous schedule. NOTE: If your child has been ordered to quarantine by our staff, you don’t need to do anything. Our nurse will inform the principal that he or she will be learning remotely due to quarantine. 

  • When they are sick;
  • When they or a member of their household has tested positive for COVID-19 or is presumed positive;
  • When they are a close contact of a person outside their household who has tested positive for COVID-19 (or, if we are in “high” “orange” status in NJ like we are now, if that person is presumed positive or has COVID-compatible symptoms);
  • If our school nurse has informed them they must isolate or quarantine.
  • If you, as a parent, have concerns and want to keep them home learning remotely/synchronously on a temporary basis.

(Reminder: Synchronous learning means that on non in-person days, students connect remotely at the start of the school day and throughout the day and learn in real-time with students who are in-person that day.)

What About the Full Remote Program?

If you are a K-8 student and chose the Full Remote Program for this year,  you will remain in that program and on that schedule until further notice. 

  • Any requests to change from Full Remote to Hybrid are considered individually. Contact your building principal. 
  • For high school students, please see an important update below on our transition to second semester.

Reminder: When We Return on Jan. 4th

  • We will be resuming the program that is in place now - which is continuing on our in-person hybrid schedule, with synchronous instruction happening daily. 
  • Monday, Jan. 4th is a Group 1 in-person day - see District Calendar for color-coded days
  • When we return, please remember to resume filling out your Daily COVID Health Screening Form on the parent portal for all days your children will attend school in person.