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May 8: Mental Health Awareness Month Comes at a Good Time

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and an Opportunity

to Evaluate Your Emotional Well Being During This Challenging Time

May 8, 2020

Dear Jackson Parents and Staff, 

The news earlier this week that the days of remote learning would continue until the end of the academic year undoubtedly brought with it renewed regrets over what our students are missing, and how their traditional end-of-year celebrations will change.

We have all learned during this challenge that things can change from week to week. Our message to you at this time is that we still have time to decide and that there have been no decisions made yet regarding year-end events. We will continue to brainstorm with staff and students about how we can best honor their achievements within this new reality while we monitor the advice and directives designed to keep us safe. We realize our graduates and families are eager to know what our plans will be but we do not want to make a decision before considering all options and before knowing what the landscape will be in the coming weeks. Furthermore, we can’t commit to any final plans until we receive guidance from the Department of Education and/or the office of the Attorney General.

Meanwhile, as we continue to spend our days consumed by the state of health affairs in our state and nation, it is perhaps fortunate that May is National Mental Health Awareness Week because it gives us a reason to take a valuable moment to evaluate another kind of health - our own emotional well being. We are pleased to remind our school family that there are many knowledgeable and caring staff members here in the Jackson School District available to help you do just that.

Two examples are some amazing resources put together by members of our nursing and guidance staff members to help students, staff and families find ways to stay healthy in both body and mind. These new features and many other resources and links are located on our COVID19 Support Page (

Nurses Share Ideas for How to De-Stress and Beat the Boredom of this Quarantine

Student Assistance Counselors (SACs) Have Some Great Advice for How to Manage Your Mental Health During This Challenge

In the words of Goetz Student Assistance Counselor Lindsay Costello in the resource above:

“The social distancing regulations enforced on us may bring up challenging emotions that are difficult to navigate. Maybe you are stricken with conflicting feelings such as gratitude and frustration, or perhaps you are fully engulfed in emotions of sadness, anger, or fear (just to name a few). There is no “normal” response to such a unique situation; in fact, I have made it a personal mission to challenge the notion of “normal” altogether.”

We hope you take a moment to view these resources, and to re-visit the COVID-19 Support Page, as well as the newest items on our We Got This: How We are Excelling During Remote Instruction page to view this week’s editions. Our staff and students continue to show us that this virus is no challenge for the talent, creativity and excellence of our Jackson School District family.


Your Jackson School District Administrative Team