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Important Information on How District Can Support Students and Families During National Crisis

Dear Parents and Staff,

This notice is to let you know of a disturbing local matter that was brought to our attention and also about the ways the Jackson School District can support families who may need assistance dealing with their emotions about events taking place throughout the nation.

First, we wanted to let the community know that we have been apprised of a series of racist and inflammatory images posted on social media by a van aide. Not only do those posts violate district policy, but they are contrary to the inclusive, bias-free environment that our school district has worked so hard to foster. 

Effective June 3, 2020, the van aide is no longer employed by the Jackson School District. 

We apologize to all of those in our community who join us in being justifiably offended by these abhorrent posts. The Jackson School District does not tolerate hate speech or conduct that is in conflict with providing a safe and respectful environment for our students and staff. We thank the residents who alerted us to these posts.

We are also hurting from the overwhelming tragedies taking place in Minneapolis and other cities. Our students are undoubtedly seeing images and coverage of this pain. As we as a nation are reeling from these events, we want to make sure our Jackson School community knows that we are here for you and our students during these tumultuous times.

If our students were physically with us here in school, we would be in a position to read their moods and needs and adjust our supports and responses accordingly. For our older students, for example, we would be able to have constructive discussions and give them an opportunity to express their opinions, and even their outrage if that’s what they needed. For our younger students, we would be able to closely monitor behavior and evaluate their emotional needs. For all students, we would be able to identify opportunities to discuss in person the value of compassion and kindness. 

During this time of remote learning it is much more difficult to gauge what our students need or how we can help. Our staff will endeavor to assist them remotely, of course, and are always focused on ways to promote respect for others, but we need your help. 

If you are struggling with ways to discuss events and tragedies with your children, the resources below are a good start. We also encourage you to reach out to your child’s building principal and/or guidance office with any concerns you have or if there are any ways we can help. Please send us an email using our Administrative Contact List for contact information.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance or support in helping your child process the events of the world around us. Our building principals and guidance counselors are working every day and are ready to offer their assistance. Missing our kids every day is nothing compared to the frustration of not being able to be there for them when they might need us the most.


Stephen Genco

Superintendent of Schools