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Our Winter Work - Budgets, Academies, Curriculum and More

Our Winter Work


With the turn of the new year, these months always seems to go the fastest. Our students are deep into their subjects and we as a district are turning our focus toward the upcoming – and unfortunately inevitable – budget process. We will again be “building a budget’’ in public and offering multiple opportunities for public input.

I hope residents will take the time to avail themselves of the multiple methods we will be using to keep them informed. See Our Budget Page for information about our public meetings and the public information that will be available in the coming months on this website.

Meanwhile we are in the midst of several key initiatives. We are excited to again offer parents the opportunity to attend events in our new “Parent University’’ series. These informational programs were designed by us to enhance parents' understanding of important student issues, key school initiatives and district programs. To view the schedule of events, please visit the Parent University page on our website.

We are also:

  • In the middle of our launch of the new Academy of the Arts, a focused pathway for students who have a passion in the fine and performing arts. This new academy features different strands designed to support our students’ passions. It is one of several Academies of Learning we offer.
  • Reviewing the K-12 Music, Art, Social Studies and Science curriculum, in accordance with our 5-year curriculum plan. This review will result in recommendations we will discuss during the budget process.
  • Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards in our science curriculum. These standards “provide students with opportunities to engage in learning about fundamental questions about the world and how scientists have investigated and found answers to those questions. Throughout grades K-12, students will have opportunities to carry out scientific investigations and engineering design projects related to their science studies (NJDOE Student Learning Standards).”
  • Coordinating STEM internships for students in the third year of our STEM Academy. These opportunities give our students real-world experience and exposure to how what they are learning in the classroom applies to a profession.
  • Auditing our school climate/character education programs.


As the year progresses, I continue to urge you to take the time to check your child’s teachers’ class pages as the year goes on, and to keep informed about their children's progress via the district Parent Portal system.

As a district we do all we can to promote student achievement, but our efforts are helped tremendously by parents who take a vested interest in their child's education!