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Getting Ready for September

There are some questions school administrators and staff members get asked in the months before school opens again:

"Oh, you work in the summer? But there aren't even kids in school - what is there even to DO?"

We find these questions amusing because, in reality, summer is when we complete a tremendous amount of tasks and projects to prepare for the new year. For example, we:

  • Analyze enrollment needs for each of our ten schools to ensure the most effective use of classroom space;
  • Evaluate staffing needs for each of our ten schools and interview and hire staff as needed;
  • Order books and materials;
  • Create professional development opportunities for our teachers and staff for the school year;
  • Get ready to launch new initiatives;
  • Prepare for our district in-service days, which feature hundreds of training sessions for our staff prior to students' arrival;
  • Register hundreds of new students who move into the district during the summer months;
  • Prepare all back-to-school forms and supplies to ensure a seamless student arrival;
  • Train our administrators on new collaborative and education tools, i.e. new lesson plans and utilizing Google Apps for Education;
  • Train staff on the use of our new websites; and
  • Complete dozens of both small- and large-scale facilities projects (see our facilities page for more information).

All those examples are just part of the work being done - work we are happy to do to ensure we are ready to roll on the first day of school.

In reality, we really don't mind the questions about summer. From our perspective, if all our parents and students see is a clean, safe, happy school with well-trained staff who are eager to welcome your children in September, it has been a summer well spent.