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COVID-19: Update on Remote Learning Plans for Week 3 and Support Page on District Website

Dear Parents and Staff,

As we begin Week 2 of Remote Learning, we would like to thank our staff, our students, and all of our Jackson families for your resiliency, understanding and dedication to education. In the face of adversity, our entire Jackson community has truly risen to the occasion and we could not be more impressed with how well everyone is collaborating, sharing resources and staying on course and in touch with each other.

This week will continue much like last week, with students continuing on their 10-day Remote Learning Plans. Given the current state of affairs, it is impossible to predict what the next days or weeks will bring. Now that schools have been ordered to stay closed statewide, the decision to re-open will be made by the Governor. Our plan is to be ready for whatever comes.

In addition to working with students remotely every day, our staff and administration have also been working on new Remote Learning Plans to move us forward. We are in the process of finalizing those plans and will be releasing them on our Remote Learning Plan site on Monday, March 30 at 8 a.m. 

Generally speaking, our plans will cover us until we get to Spring Break, which begins April 9.

This next set of 8-Day Remote Learning Plans (which would run from March 30 to April 9) will feature a more interactive, assignment-based model using teachers’ Class Pages, Google Classroom and learning videos. They will be geared toward advancing instruction in keeping with our curriculum. All assignments will continue to take into consideration that students have varied levels of access to technology and internet services. They will also be inclusive of all learning abilities.

Please remember that we are still here for you during this closure. Please visit our Administrative Contacts List for our modified contact list during this closure.

Also, please visit our newly updated Supporting Our Students, Parents, and Each Other Page on the COVID-19 website.  During times of crisis, it is important to know there are places you can go for help. In addition to knowing you can contact us directly, we’ve pulled together some resources and tutorials to help you with things like:


  • How does the "Google Doc'' and “Google Classroom” my kids are using work? 
  • How am I supposed to explain to my child what is happening in the world?
  • I'm finding it hard to cope with the stress and change some days - what can I do?
  • Are there any services out there that can help me financially?


For now, please keep doing what you are doing - trying your best to manage your own lives while taking on the added responsibility of shepherding your child through his or her assignments.

We will continue to communicate with you about our Remote Learning Plans and other supports we can offer you. 

We’ll get through this together.