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March 30 Begins Phase II of our Remote Learning Plans - And Details on Spring Break

Preparing for Phase II of our Remote Learning Plans Beginning March 30

March 27, 2020

Dear Jackson Families and Staff Members,

This message comes to you with profound gratitude for the way this community has pulled together to help each other learn and thrive in this new learning environment. It is truly bringing out the best in all of us. We know this is a trying time, and that this new learning structure is a new challenge. We are fully confident that our ability to adapt and excel will see us through.

While our students were working this week through the first phase of our Remote Learning Plans, our staff was busily preparing for Phase II, which will begin Monday, March 30 and take us through until Spring Break begins on Thursday, April 9. Spring Break will continue as scheduled from Thursday, April 9 to Sunday, April 19. We will not be posting assignments during Spring Break and we hope all of our families and staff take some time to rest and recharge.

After that, we will have to take things week by week. If schools remain closed as of April 20 when Spring Break is over, we will continue along the same path as Phase II of our Remote Learning Plans. Please remember that the decision to open schools will not be made by the district, but by Governor Murphy, who said the state will not be in a position to make that decision until at least April 17. In his press briefing on March 26, the governor stated “The decision to reopen will be based on careful discussion with our public health and safety experts, and with our educators and districts. We will be guided by facts on the ground.”

The Jackson School District will remain in communication with our families and staff to let you know of any developments or changes. At this point, we must simply take things week by week. 

ABOUT PHASE II Learning Plans Beginning March 30:

Our initial 10-Day Learning Plans focused on review and reinforcement and got students used to doing work from home. Our Phase II Plans will feature a more interactive, assignment-based model using teachers’ Class Pages, Google Classroom and learning videos. They will be geared toward advancing instruction and presenting new material in keeping with our curriculum. Visit our Remote Learning Plans site on March 30 at 8 a.m. for full details and instructions on our new plans.

We want you to know we are committed to being flexible and responsive as Phase II is rolled out. This is uncharted territory for all of us and it is important that our staff, students and the families supporting them continue to be kind and patient with each other. We will make adjustments and revisions as needed until each of us is completely comfortable and proficient in this new learning environment. We can do this!

But that’s next week. For now, we hope everyone congratulates themselves on completing our first 10 days of Remote Learning! As we head into the weekend, please keep the following in mind:

We will continue to communicate with you about our Remote Learning Plans and other supports we can offer you. Remember - we’ll get through this together!


Your Jackson Administrative Team