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NJEA Sustainable Jersey $10,000 Grant Awarded to Elms Elementary

Sustainable Jersey

Elms Elementary School is excited to accept these generous grants provided by:

  • NJEA Sustainable Jersey - $10,00
  • Toshiba America Foundation - $1,00
  • First Energy - $1,00

These funds will help to build a living science curriculum that will bring S.T.E.M. to a level that would not have been possible.  Through the implementation of agriculture, aquaculture, and farming, students' learning will truly come alive through real world simulations, providing all students with access to problem solving in an authentic hands-on environment.  The Elms Elementary School is so grateful to have this opportunity for our students, and look forward to implementing these innovative programs with our learners.

The primary author of these grants is Ms. Danielle Parella, Elms Teacher.  Ms. Parella is a dedicated educator, who is truly excited to begin work on these new programs!