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Principal Message - June 2020

Dear Elms Families,


We hope this message finds you all well and healthy.  We want to take this opportunity to thank all of the students, teachers, and parents for all of their hard work during this challenging time.  Elms Elementary is a wonderful school filled with a dedicated and talented group of educators who want the best for all our students. We would also like to thank the Elms PTN for all of their support and contributions to our students and staff.  We are proud of our school community and most of all, our students! Our students have risen to the occasion and shown themselves to be resilient learners.


As the end of the school year is quickly approaching, we want to inform you about the school plan to collect our outstanding library books, Chromebooks and say goodbye to our graduating 5th grade class. 


Kindergarten through 4th Grade Library Book Drop-off: As we begin to close down the school year, the Elms Media Center has many books marked as borrowed. We have created a schedule for a “Drive Through”  library book drop-off next week. 


Procedure: Please drive through the drop-off loop on the north side of the building.  We ask that any outstanding library books be handed to one of the staff through your car window to ensure a safe exchange.  Please remain in the car at all times.


Dates & Times:


Last Name A-K 8:30-10:30      Last Name L-Z 11:00-1:00


June 8th - Kindergarten

June 9th - 1st Grade

June 10th - 2nd Grade

June 11th - 3rd Grade

June 12th - 4th Grade

Moving Up Ceremony:   We realize our families are eager to know what our plans will be for our 5th Grade Students' Moving Up Ceremony to Middle School. I want to acknowledge the disappointment we are all feeling at not being able to come together in person for this important event. But, we want to assure you that the Moving Up Ceremony Committee, Fifth Grade Teachers and Special Area Teachers are working collectively in creating a Virtual Fifth Grade Moving Up Ceremony. The goal is to celebrate with our students the relationships, accomplishments and all the memories they have shared together throughout all, or part, of the last six years. The date and time of the Moving Up Ceremony will be issued shortly. 


5th Grade Moving Up Certificates/Awards

Procedure: Parents will be permitted to pick up their student’s Moving Up certificate, awards, and any personal items during this time. We ask that any outstanding library books and safety belts be returned as well. Please drive through the drop-off loop on the side of the building.  All exchanges will be handled by your student’s homeroom teacher(s) through your car window to ensure a safe exchange. This will also serve as an opportunity for your child to say goodbye to their teachers. Please remain in the car at all times.


Dates & Times:


June 16th - Frenville

June 17th - Haley/Swingle

June 18th - Sulia/Cicco

June 19th - Paquette/Morrow


PreK Personal Items

Preschool students with personal items that were left in the building may be retrieved on Monday, June 22nd between the hours of 8:30-12:30 pm.


Chromebook Collection For All Grades

 June 24th between 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM @ Jackson Memorial High School

*Assigned drop-off times will be communicated to you


Kindergarten Registration 

Postponed Until Further Notice - Use online Pre-Registration 

Please note: During the time schools are closed for COVID-19, it is very important that parents act now to use the online pre-registration form to get your information into our system. Please click here for all information pertaining to Kindergarten registration to enroll your child in the 2020-2021 school year.


As we approach the final days of the school year and begin the summer months ahead, we encourage you to continue to read and practice math facts with your child to help strengthen and retain skills over the summer.  Have a safe and relaxing summer! 


Wishing all of you good health and warm regards.


Mr. Burgos & Mr. Levinson