Join Our Alumni List

Posted by Allison Erwin on 5/17/2019

We intend to use this list to let our past graduates know about opportunities to join in on district events and to help alumni stay connected. We may share information on this list with other Jackson organizations (Scholarship Committee, Hall of Fame Committee, "Class of .... " officers).


-- If the class officers or organizers of a class reunion want us to share information about their reunion, we'd help them find you so you can attend!

-- If the district or affiliated groups are having any kind of "anniversary"" events like "Celebrating 50 years of Football at JMHS,'' or a Hall of Fame celebration celebrating one of your classmates, we'd help them get the word out or share your contact information.

-- If there is a big district or school accomplishment to share or initiative to talk about, we want to be able to share it with you!

Join Our Alumni List