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    Welcome to the Jackson Memorial Jazz Ensemble Page!


    Well, the time has come to start working on the 2021-2022 Jazz Season!


    We are very excited to bring back the JMHS Jazz Ensemble in full force and have a full season in front of us this school year.   As we continue to plan the season, we, of course, will adapt to any COVID precautions necessary.  Rehearsals will be held on the Stage of the Fine Arts Auditorium and we wil first work torwards the winter band concert.  There are no concrete dates for jazz competitions, but we will cross that bridge, when we get there.  

    We would like to start this process with LIVE and IN PERSON Auditions, a week from today (on Tuesday, November 2nd).  Auditions will be held in the Music Technology Classroom (Room 408) from 2pm through 5:30pm.  Please make sure you take time to read all below information, along with the "Audition Materials" tab to the left before starting your practicing process.  It wouldn't hurt to reach out to other previous members of the Jazz Ensemble to truly and completely understand what the audition process is like.  

    Best of Luck and we look forward to hearing all of your audition materials!

    Please click on the Audition Tab to the Left to Access information needed to have the most successful audition possible.  

    Some tips about the Audition:

    - Please ask questions!  They can not be asked to Mr. Diaz, Mr. Ficarra, or any other person who is been involved in the auditon

    - Please make sure you come prepared for the audition.  Looking at the music the night before is not considered prepared.  You are going to have to take 30 minutes every night and look through the materials. 

    - Please make sure you practice "Quiet Now" with the provided recording.  You will have to play this selection with the back track in the audition.    

    - Yes, you do need to know ALL of your major scales.  Please see comment above (learning them the night before...)

    - To understand the Jazz Language, you need to listen to Jazz.  There are some great Jazz Listening statations that I will be including on this webpage at a later date.  The first one that comes to mind is www.wrti.org.  You can listen to Jazz 24 hours a day for free!   If you have satalite radio, the Jazz station is Channel 67.  


    Most importantly, we encourage as many students to audition as possible.  It will be a great experience in the audition process and to really hear what you sound like.  We look forward to this process and...