Parents - Senior Ads can be created on the Jostens website (www.Jostens.com) until February 9th, 2023!

    Login to the website and choose Jackson Memorial High School and the website will prompt you to either create an ad or purchase a yearbook.  


    Seniors - Three forms have been sent to your email...

    1. Senior Quote Forms - Due January 20th, 2023

    2. Senior & Siblings - Due February 3rd, 2023

    3. Then & Now - Due February 10th, 2023


    Pay attention to deadlines! We will not accept late submissions this year. 


    All students - want to be in the yearbook?

    Upload pictures of you and your friends to ReplayIt!  Your photos will go directly to the yearbook website where the staff can put them in the yearbook!

    Feel free to upload as many (school appropriate) photos as you'd like of you and your JMHS friends!


    I have attached the flyer with ReplayIt submission instructions below!