Student Parking Permit Application

  • Remember: Parents MUST attend a Safe Driving Meeting in order for a student to receive a parking pass. See information on this page.

    For more informationa about parking, contact Jackie O'Connor at 732-833-4624.

    Download the JMHS Student Parking Permit Application

Student Parking Criteria for Seniors



    Student Parking Criteria for Seniors

    • The student must be a Senior in high school with 90 or more credits
    • The student must not have any fines and/or discipline obligated to the high school
    • The student must not be on Conduct Probation
    • The student must have a valid Driver's license
    • The student must be driving a vehicle that is registered and insured
    • The student's parents/guardians must have attended a Parent "Safe Driving" Meeting at either Jackson High School for the student that intends to drive

    JMHS Student Parking Applications are available in the Main Office and in Mr. Tarver's office in Reider Hall. Or, you can print the package from your computer using the link contained on this page. Please read the entire packet and follow submission instructions. Failure to do so will result in a delay in the processing of the application.

    Do not forget to attach copies of the applicant's Drivers License, Registration of the car the applicant will be driving to JMHS, and insurance card of the car as well. Please be sure to check that the registration and Insurance are not expired. The student will not be able to pick up the parking tag until a current documents are provided. Any issues with the documents you've provided will be communicated to the student through their District email account when school is not in session. Students are encouraged to check their accounts periodically.

    JMHS Seniors can submit their parking applications any time during the hours and locations indicated in the sidebar. The enrollment is rolling and will continue the entire school year.

    The District will be collecting $10.00 parking tag fee per semester for each Senior desiring to drive to school. AT JMHS, the fee will be collected when the student picks up his/her hang tag. Acceptable payment methods are cash or money order.

    If you are an Early Exit Senior (course fulfillment in January) your fee will be $10.00. If you intend to park the entire school year, your fee will be $20.00. These fees will be collected in full when you pick up your hang tag. Please note that there will be no proration; payment is either $20 to park the entire school year or $10 to park a single semester in the school year.

Additional Student Parking Info

Important Parking Announcements


    Your current LICENSE, REGISTRATION, and INSURANCE card are Required with your application!

    ANY change in automobile (even temporary changes) MUST be reported to Mr. Tarver's office in Reider Hall.

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