Student Parking Permit Application

  • Remember: Parents AND Students MUST WATCH a Safe Driver Presentation Video in order for a student to receive a parking pass and fill out a form on the Parent Portal to certify that you have viewed it. See information on the right side of this page.

    For more information about parking, contact Jackie O'Connor at 732-833-4624.

    Download the JMHS Student Parking Permit Application

Important Parking Announcements


    The district requires that both parents and students have watched the Safe Driving Presentation Video in order to obtain an on-campus parking permit.

    Normally, this would be accomplished through a live presentation attended by parents and students during the summer. Given the limitations on mass gatherings in auditoriums this year, we are allowing parents and students to view this presentation online.

    After viewing this video, you must visit the Parent Portal to complete an online sign off form to certify that both the parent AND the student have watched this video.


    safe driving video opening frame

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    Your current LICENSE, REGISTRATION, and INSURANCE card are Required with your application!

    ANY change in automobile (even temporary changes) MUST be reported to Mr. Tarver's office in Reider Hall.

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