• Modified Swimmers

    What does this mean?

    It means that you have not met the time standard yet, and will need to continue to work and try to do so. You are still a part of the team, and will be required to attend all drylands, Saturday practices, all meets/competitions, and possibly the occasional practice during the week if applicable. 

    In addition to our drylands and Saturday practice, there are other ways that will help you move from Modified to Full Schedule. Some swimmers have chosen to take lessons, others have improved their fitness levels on their own, and have been successful in the transition in the middle of the season. 

    What should you do? *The following are all ways that you can improve without a gym membership or paying to use a pool on your own.

    Cardio- Running complements swim training due to the cardiovascular component. I would reccomend that you run 4-5 times a week on your own. 

    Push ups (Your goal should be working up to being able to do 50-100 per day)

    Strengthening your core