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Try Outs/Time Trials

Welcome to the information page for our Swimming Try-Outs and Time Trials!


Try outs will be held the first two days of the season, and will be dedicated to new swimmers/non-varsity swimmers. We will hold time trials on both days. 

**Captains will be at these two practices. Club swimmers may also come to these two practices.

*You must meet the time standard to make the team and will be required to attend all drylands, practices, and competitions. Swimmers that do not meet the time standard will be placed on a modified schedule. The modified schedule will include all drylands, all meets/competitions, Saturdays, and possibly 1 practice during the week if applicable. 

Returning Varsity (from the prior year) - practice will start on Wednesday of opening week. 



-Get your physicals and/or interim forms into the Nurse no later than Oct 8th!!! The process is lengthy and can take up to two weeks or more. If your physical is not in and you miss try outs on those first two days, you will be automatically placed on Modified until you have proven that you deserve to be placed on the full practice schedule.

-You're expected to come into the season already in shape, and be prepared to compete. There is only 3 weeks before our first meet, which is not enough time for you to get into competition shape if you haven't been putting in any work before the start of the season. 

-You should be on a summer swim team. There are multiple teams around the area. There is a tab on our website that lists a couple options. I recomend either the Baracuda's or OCY, due to their coaching staff and training, over Candlewood.

-You need to be involved in atleast one fall clinic. 

-If you do not do a fall sport, you should join the after school weight room program. They will create a specific program for you, to prepare you for our swim season.