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    Welcome to the JLHS Student Parking Webpage! Please note there are changes for the 2023-24 School Year!

    Both the 12th and 11th grades can apply to drive their cars to school.

    Please note the answers to the following frequently asked questions:

    • All fees must begin anew this year.
    • Students that had parking tags last year must reapply for a new tag this year.
    • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) that viewed the Virtual Safe Driving Presentation last school year are not required to view the presentation again. As long as you virtually signed the document on your parent portal page, you will not need to repeat this step.

    JLHS Student Parking Criteria

    The following information applies to any 11th or 12th-grade student wishing to drive to school: 

    • The student must not have any fines obligated to the high school. These must be cleared before getting a parking tag.
    • The student must have at least 60 credits as an 11th-grade student or 90 credits as a 12th-grade student.
    • The student must have a valid driver's license.
    • The student must be driving a vehicle that is registered and insured.
    • The student and parents/guardians must have watched the Virtual Safe Driving Presentation offered online and signed the document through the parent portal. 

    JLHS Student Parking Applications are available online using the link contained on the Jackson Liberty HS website, on the Student Parking Google Classroom, or during school in C113. Please read the entire packet and follow the submission instructions for this school year indicated on this webpage. Failure to do so properly will result in a delay in the processing of the application.

    Do not forget to include copies of the applicant's Driver's License, Registration of the car the applicant will be driving to JLHS, and an insurance card of the car as well. Please be sure to check that the registration and Insurance do not expire before the first day of classes. The student will not be able to get the parking tag until current documents are provided. Any issues with the documents you’ve provided will be communicated to the student through their District Gmail account. Students are encouraged to check their accounts periodically.

    JLHS students can find out information on Student Parking before the school year begins by visiting this webpage or by following the Student Parking 2023-2024 Google Classroom. If you did not receive an email invitation to join the Google page, please contact Mrs. Plantz via email at aplantz@jacksonsd.org. 

    The District will be collecting a $10.00 parking tag fee per semester for each student desiring to drive to school. At JLHS, the preferred payment method is cash. Students can pay with a personal check or money order if necessary. If the student is an Early Exit Senior (course fulfillment in January/February), the fee will be $10.00. If the student intends to park the entire school year, the fee will be $20.00, paid in full when the student picks up the parking tag. Please note that there will be no proration; payment is either $20 to park the entire school year or $10 to park a single semester in the school year. 

    Please read this section carefully. Please note: if the student is not yet ready to drive to JLHS, the process to apply any time this school year is the same. However, once school starts, JLHS students can bring their application, accompanying documents, and payment to Mr. Waldron's office as indicated under “Once School is in Session”. 

      1. All students and their parents/guardians must view the Safe Driving Presentation on the right side of this page. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) that viewed the Virtual Safe Driving Presentation last school year are not required to view the presentation again. As long as you virtually signed the document on your parent portal page, you will not need to repeat this step.
      2. Log in to the Parent Portal and fill out the Safe Driving Presentation Video Form to acknowledge that you have viewed it.
      3. Print out the Student Parking application (on the right side of this page or on the Student Parking Google Classroom).
      4. Fill out the application, paying attention to all of the notations on the document.
      5. Please be sure to copy any documents requested. Check expiration dates. The documents must not have expired prior to September 8, 2023.
      6. Email the completed form and any additional documents (in PDF format) to aplantz@jacksonsd.org.
      7. When the application is received, the documents will be checked for completeness. Any problems with the application will be communicated through the student’s district Gmail account.
      8. Payment:  Students will pay in full when they pick up their parking tag. Cash is preferred.  If paying by personal check or money order, please make it payable to Jackson Liberty High School.

    Student parking tags will be handed out to students between the hours of 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on the dates below:

    • Tuesday, August 29, 2023
    • Wednesday, August 30, 2023
    • Thursday, August 31, 2023

    Tags will not be distributed on September 1st and September 5th, 2023.

    Please use Door 14 on the bus ramp to come into the building. Students are encouraged to apply prior to these dates, if possible, in order to streamline the process of distribution.

    If the student cannot come on these dates, the student will have to wait until school begins. Do not park on campus until you have your parking pass.

    Once School is in Session

      • All applications and payments should be brought to C113, Mr. Waldron's office
      • Do not drive to school until you have your parking tag
      • The administration reserves the right to distribute parking tags during specific times while school is in session to not disrupt a student's education.

Additional Student Parking Info

Important Info


    The district wants to ensure that both parents and students understand the dangers that are associated with teen driving. The video linked below is part of our once-annual Safe Driving Information Presentation. We ask that you view it - and let us know that you have done so through a form on the parent portal - prior to receiving your teen's parking permit for the year.

    This video was created by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety - www.iihs.org -  (an independent, nonprofit, scientific and educational organization dedicated to reducing fatalities on the road through education. It is an emotional and powerful video and we recommend you and your teen view it together.

    After viewing this video, you must visit the Parent Portal to complete an online sign-off form to certify that both the parent AND the student have watched this video.


    frame of safe driving video that reads parents have a critical role in keeping their teens safe with a link to a video


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    Can’t locate the email? Contact Mrs. McEneaney @ aplantz@jacksonsd.org to obtain the classroom code.

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  • Remember your current LICENSE, REGISTRATION, and INSURANCE card are required with your application!

    ANY change in the automobile MUST be reported to Mr. Waldron's office C113, including temporary changes.

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Student Parking Application Packet