• Jackson Liberty High School Girl's Basketball Team 


    The Jackson Liberty Lions High School Girls Basketball program is committed to providing a positive, challenging, and fair experience.  This program will lay the foundation needed to attain individual and team goals.  

    This program values the lessons that will be taught to students through athletic participation; we will strive for personal development by setting goals and using teamwork.  We will teach the ethics of responsible behaviors that are needed on and off the court.  We will create leaders and push to see strength of character all while using sportsmanship. 

    With these habits being instilled into our athletes, it will create a better and healthier life for our students.  We will instill in our students that success begins with a person's will.  This program will rewire the negative mindset from "I can't and I won't" to WE CAN and WE WILL!


    Change the Culture. Set the Standard.




Degrees and Certifications:

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