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  • Welcome to the Jackson Liberty Boys Cross Country team page.  Our 2023 season is over and we had a great season!

    Boys interested in running XC in the Fall of 2024 at JLHS can contact Coach Engle at tengle@jacksonsd.org or Coach Wendolek at jwendolek@jacksonsd.org, we are always looking for runners for our team.  Our team makes no cuts and boys of any ability are welcome. See our question/answer section below for more information.

    If you are a rising 8th grader, heading to JLHS next year PLEASE read this page to sign up as well as the rest of this page.

    The best way to keep up to date with announcements and information is to sign up for Remind text alerts.  Parents PLEASE sign up as well as athletes.  If you have a smartphone it is better to use the Remind app!! Click here to sign up.  Of course you can always check this page to see the Remind text alerts also, just scroll down a bit....

    We don't hand out a printed calendar, our meet calendar is High Tech.  Import directly into your phone, tablet or computer.  Times and locations of practices and races are available with just a click on the link.  If you want the old school feel of a printed calendar just use the embeded calendar below to print from.

    Meet & Practice Calendar in iCal Format (iPhone, iPod, iPad, most Android devices)

    Training calendar is also high tech and will tell you exactly what your training run is for the day.  Click to link to install on your device.

    XC Training Calendar in iCal Format (iPhone, iPad, iPod, most Android devices)

    Having problems with your Android calendar?  Directions for Android Import of XC Calendar

    Tips to Making Varsity XC (Runners World Magazine)

    Physical Packet- Jackson School District




  • I can't do cross country, I'm not very good.

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    Anyone can do cross country.  We don't make cuts.  Our coaches will train you to run the races based on your abilities.  We have runners who run 16:30 and others who run 25:00 for the 5K.  We all train together but with workouts tailored to make you a better runner.  The coaches take just as much pleasure seeing our slower runners improve as they do seeing our fastest guys set a PR (personal record).

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  • I hear that high school XC races are marathons?

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    Not at all!  Marathons are 26.2 miles!!!  Freshman XC races are 2 miles (some are less).  Varsity XC races are a 5K (3.1 miles) and most are over in less than 20 minutes.

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  • My friend told me that XC makes you slow.

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    Many college sprinters run XC to build strength and endurance.  Many top high school XC runners run under 4:30 for a mile, the best can run under 4:10!!.  That's 62.5 seconds per lap on the track, four times in a ROW!!  That's not slow, that's awesome.  XC builds strength and mental endurance.

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  • Isn't running miles around the track boring?

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    Cross Country races aren't on the track, but on wooded trails, grass and varied terrain.  It can be like a mud run also if the weather cooperates!  Cross country courses are all different and that's what makes it interesting.

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