Upcoming meetings:

    Please join the Google Classroom page to view our meeting schedule. This year we will be meeting via Google Meet. 

    The Google Meet link can be found on the Google Classroom Page.

    Directions on how to join the Google Classroom page is below:




    Sign up to recieve alerts for scheduled meetings and announcements! 


    Alerts will be sent out via Remind101 (see how to sign up below) & Google Classroom. 

    Sign up for the Class of 2023 Google Classroom  Image result for google classroom icon

    Class code: etg4f86


    For more information: Kfoglia@jacksonsd.org


    Sign up for Remind 101 alerts:

    A: If you have a smartphone, get push notifications.

    Step 1: On your phone or andorid phone, open your web browser and go to the following link: rmd.at/d68kk6

    Step 2: Follow the instructions to sign up for Remind. You'll be pormpted to download the mobile app.


    B: If you don't have a smartphone, get TEXT notifications.

    Step 1: Text the message @d68kk6 to the number 81010.

    ** If you are having trouble with 81010 try texting @d68kk6 to (651)-315-7394 **

    Standard text message rates apply! 


    C: If you do not have a mobile phone:

    Go to rmd.at/d68kk6 on a desktop computer to sign up for email notifications.