Welcome to Jackson Liberty High School

  • Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members:

    On behalf of the Jackson Liberty High School and the Jackson School District, I am happy to welcome you to our website.

    In Jackson, high academic, social and character education standards serve as the framework for board, district, and building objectives. Overall achievement test scores and report card grades reflect a high level of academic excellence and success. In addition to the important "basics," we place an emphasis on developing written expression skills and offering our students learning opportunities based on their individual needs.

    We continue to improve student achievement at all grade levels and to close achievement gaps where they exist. We continually review our special education programs to ensure that every child's needs are met in accordance with their Individual Educational Program (IEP) in the most cost-effective manner. The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards are actively addressed within the district through grade-level meetings, department meetings, and K-12 articulation within the district curriculum meetings. We have placed a high emphasis on cross-curricular content to meet the requirements of PARCC. We have infused Language Arts and Mathematics curriculum into our other content areas and we have taken the team approach towards supporting our students' success in PARCC assessments. High district standards are continually reinforced through a wide variety of instructional methods and materials. Our school district provides our staff with numerous in-service programs and exceptional instructional and curricular resources.

    Jackson Liberty High School provides educational opportunities for students in grades nine through twelve. Since we opened in 2006, we have built a tradition of high academic expectations and have fostered a sense of spirit. We pride ourselves in providing a multitude of course offerings that enable our students to achieve academically and to develop their personal interests, strengths, and talents. There are numerous Honors and AP courses, a variety of electives, on-line course offerings, and the availability to partake in the vocational courses offered through the Ocean County Vocational Technical schools.

    Our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including ceiling-mounted projectors that teachers use on a daily basis to vary their instruction, provide interactive lessons, and supply current and relevant information through streaming videos and the internet. We are continuing our efforts towards increasing the number of Chrome Books in our building to support the new learning approaches in education. In addition to providing an outstanding educational experience which meets the needs of our students, our enthusiastic staff instills such values as high achievement, responsibility, and appropriate decision-making skills. Our teachers utilize Google Classroom to assist in the management and monitoring of our students' assignments and learning. Our school district provides our staff with numerous in-service programs and exceptional instructional and curricular resources so that they are well informed of the current trends in education.

    Our rigorous curriculum challenges both the intellect and exploratory nature of our students. Our supervisors and teachers continuously invest time on establishing future academies within various academic areas. We have a multitude of activities, both within and outside the classroom so that all of our students thoroughly enjoy their high school experience.

    The Student Council serves as our governing body and meets regularly with the students and the administration to contribute to the overall environment of our school and allows the students to play an integral role in the decision making process. Our TV Production Studio highlights students' achievements, sporting events, and school activities so that the entire school and the community can see the accomplishments of our fine young adults. The myriad of academics and activities continues to grow and provide our students the opportunity to excel in whatever area they may choose to pursue for the future.

    The administration and staff of Jackson Liberty High School is committed to the continued growth and development of our students. Please feel free to peruse this web site to learn more about us.


    Geoffrey Brignola

    Principal, Jackson Liberty High School