Jackson School District Summer Assignments

  • Summer Assignments written on an easel in the sane

    NOTE: These pages are being revised for 2020. Stay Tuned.

    “Summer slide” is a phrase often used in research to explain the importance of students continuing to keep their brains engaged in learning. If students do not continue to engage in learning they can fall behind their peers causing large gaps in achievement. In fact, most of our youth lose about two months of grade level equivalency in reading and  mathematical computation skills over the summer months (Cooper, Nye, Charlton, & Greathouse, 1996).

    The Jackson School District encourages students to engage their brains and to continue to practice their skills over the summer through reading, writing and practicing math skills.  Additionally, it is encouraged that students learn through experiences such as trips, visits to museums (either in person or virtually), etc.

    However, the Jackson School District aims to balance summer assignment time with the need and importance of students spending time with their families, working, resting, and exploring other important experiences. The summer assignments on these pages were revamped this year to better allow students to balance the need to stay current and become prepared for the coming year, but also to enjoy the relaxation and family time that summer allows.



    At the high school level, advanced placement courses are rigorous and high level courses that require students to have a baseline knowledge of content. The information shared for these courses is meant to assist students to ensure they have the expected skills required for the advanced placement course. The expected content knowledge is provided by each AP teacher.