• Welcome to the Science National Honor Society Page

    The Advisor is Jessica Dominguez



    The Science National Honor Society, a national organization, has five main objectives.  

    They are:

    • To encourage and recognize scientific and intellectual thought.
    • To advance the students’ knowledge of classical and modern science.
    • To communicate with the scientific community.
    • To aid the civic community with its comprehension of science.
    • To encourage students to participate in community service and, in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all humankind.


    Requirements to join SNHS are the following:

    • An applicant must be a junior or senior, but exceptional sophomore students (sophomores in the STEM academy or sophomores that have taken two years of science during their freshman year) can be accepted into a chapter.
    • Have already earned a minimum of at least 10 science credits.
    • Maintain at least an 83% overall average, 3.0  unweighted.
    • Be enrolled in at least one honors or AP science class prior to or during the junior year.
    • Be enrolled in Chemistry II Honors or an AP class prior to or during the year of graduation.
    • Be enrolled in a second honors or higher level science class during student’s year of graduation.
    • Maintain an 87% average (3.5 unweighted) across all science courses.
    • Maintain A’s and B’s in all Science courses taken.
    • Exhibit exemplary behavior according to the guidelines outlined in the JLHS Student Handbook
    • Must be involved in a science related organization or club and/or take at least one science league test during each year as an active member.
    • 2 Teacher recommendations.
    • 1 Personal Essay

    General Membership Meetings will take place once a month in room B219.


    The induction ceremony will take place in May.