• Wellness Tips During Remote Learning

    • Things to do Daily 
    • (Keeping a Routine/Structure is Very Important for Healthy Minds)

    1. Shower and basic hygiene (mental health needs physical health!)

    2. Make your Bed and do your regular chores (Be prideful in what you do, even in simple tasks!)

    3. Exercise (#1 coping skill for stress and maintaining healthy mental health)

    4. Eat Healthy (Focus on fresh fruits, veggies, protein, water intake, be mindful of sugar and caffeine intake as they can aggreviate stress levels)

    5. Practice Mindfulness/Breathing/Stress-relief Techniques for 1 minute x 2 times a day (Free Apps - Relax Sounds, Mindshift, Simple Habit, HeadSpace, Stop, Think and Breathe)

    6. Restful SLEEP! (Young people need 8-10 hours a night! Put down the Blue Lights - phones, computers, TVs about an hour before you intend to sleep)