• The following students left their Kiss The Cast bags behind at Liberty

    this weekend. Mr Vaughn will have them for pickup during homeroom

    #224, for a few days and then will most likely eat the candy: Addison C,

    Melissa D, David L, Dan L, Jillian C, Ryan E, Tyler N, Eric Y, Sophie S,

    Savanah S.

    Drama Club meeting this Tuesday, March 26, after

    school in the cafeteria. Plans for the May 7th, J.I.T.S.

    ceremony and Drama Club Awards will be discussed.

    Permission slips for the B'way will be given out.


    The reviews are in and Madagascar Jr., is a smash!

    Mrs. Cholak and I are so proud of the whole Company. To all the

    parents who year after year have either helped us in the lobby, with set

    pieces, or continually providing rides back and forth, THANK

    YOU! Special shout out to Mrs. Rosado and Mrs. Ezeir for spending 3

    hours before each show doing the incredible make up on our critter

    cast! It really is a collaborative effort and we couldn't have done it

    without you. 

    Thank you to Mrs. Adolfsen for providing a bagel breakfast and fresh

    fruit to the Company on Sunday morning. The multi-colored and

    St.Paddy's green bagels were a big hit! 

    Mrs. Cholak and I would also like to express our appreciation to the Company for the thoughtful gift presented to us.

    We are not done yet! The B'way trip to Carmine's for lunch and the

    matinee performance of The Prom, is Wednesday, April 10th. The Drama

    Club Awards and Junior International Thespian Induction is Tuesday,

    May 7.



     B'way trip: Wednesday April 10th.

    Congratulations to the following students who will be attending our

    B'way trip to see Anastasia: Naradeen Abdelmalak, McKayla Alby,

    Maria Bolcato, Charlee Brownfield, Amanda Bubenas, Alysa Cainzos,

    Jillian Cassidy, Kelly Clark, Addison Ciccariello, Alissa Coburger, Melissa

    Diamond, Reese Dyer, Shea East, Haley East, Ryan Eitel, Dakota Feehan, Jasmine Frey,

    Ryley Fusco, Christine Gardocki, Sienna Giovanetti, Kaylen Graf, Susie Guida, Virginia Iadanza,

    Gianna Iadanza, Julia Knuth, Lily Kovach, Dan Lidzhiev, Dave Lidzhiev, Maggie Lopez, Chris

    Macirowski,Steve Milne, Kyle Misura, Savannah Modula, Emma Murphy, Reganne O'Donnell,

    Brielle Ortiz, Destinee Rivera, Illyana Rosado, Mya Rosario, Katie Russo, Keegan Saliski,

    Emma Seidel, Brooklyn Silvan, Sophie Spadafino, Taryn Spoto, Savanah Still,

    Mya Uribe, Dinah Van Name, Sophia Volpe, Rachel Wishnick, Katie Yurgel.