• 11/23 - Everyone, please have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving and we'll see you all next week!

    This week's rehearsal schedule:

    Everyone has probably seen that the book fair is already set up in the IMC, so we will lose that rehearsal space for this week. This week’s rehearsals will be with smaller groups in Ms. Brescia’s room.

    Monday 11/28 - Scenes 2, 11, 14, 15 Pulitzer, Bunsen, Hannah, Seitz, Jack, Katherine, Snyder, Delancys, Davey, Spot, Medda, Roosevelt, Hazel, Albert, Race, Pigtails, Romeo, Crutchie, Wiesel. Also, the same 2 police officers from the earlier scene. The entire cast will be in scene 15 but we do not have room to rehearse with everyone in Ms. Brescia’s room, so we want only the listed characters to attend. 5 pm pick up

    Wednesday 11/30 - Prologue, scenes 3, 4. Medda and her girls be prepared with “Just A Pretty Face” 5 pm pick up

    Thursday 12/1 - Scene 5. Davey, Race, Les, Tommy Boy, Albert, Hazel, Jack, Crutchie, Romeo, Wiesel, Specs, Muriel, Pigtails, Katherine, Darcy,  Delancys, Jo Jo, Buttons. 3:40 late bus

    Saturday 12/3 - First rehearsal at Liberty! Full cast from 9 am to 1 pm. Bring lunch or a snack! (Enter Liberty from Hope Chapel rd and drive around to the left side of the school. People entering the school on the weekend go through this door, #39. Walk down the hall, where we will meet in the main lobby of the school)


    11/17 - Please do not bring in any money to pay for the Broadway trip yet. Mr. G and I have to wait for the report from Ashley Farms, telling us how much in Internet sales some people have done, because that could change the prices of their trips.  We don't get access to those totals until the order is delivered. We will let everyone know their final price as soon as we can.

    11/17 - IMPORTANT!
    If there is anybody that still has a fundraising sheet outstanding, please contact Mr. Vaughn or Mr. Gliatta as soon as possible to let us know that you are bringing an order in. We want to send in all orders by Friday. Thanks. 

    11/13 - Just a reminder that we will be doing Scene 7 again this Monday. Our choreographer, Ms. Scellato will also be there.

    Here again are the people we need to attend: Scene 7  Davey, Jack, Albert, Pigtails, Crutchie, Race, Muriel, Hazel, Specs, Morris, Oscar, Les, Weisel, Snyder, Ada, Olive, Ethel. Also, Treyson O, Charlotte F, Jordyn H, Payton H,  and the ensemble members that are in this scene. Pick up at 5 pm.

    Due to shortened days this week, Monday is our only scheduled rehearsal.

    Cheesecake order forms and cash/checks are also due on Monday!
    •  Remember that our Cheesecake fundraiser ends on Monday, Nov 14th. You may turn in your order forms and money at any time before then. In other words, if you have exhausted all your contacts, hand in your forms now! Remember that for each $100 sold in Ashley Farms products, you will receive $20 off on our Broadway show trip! We have a number of cast members that have saved $60 - $80  already. Keep up the great work! Every little bit helps the club.
    • About 15 people have not turned in their club fee yet. You have 2 weeks left and then you will not be allowed to attend rehearsals until the fee is paid.
    • We are also missing a number of signed contracts. They must be turned in also.

    This week's rehearsal: 

    Monday 11/7 - Scene 7.  Davey, Jack, Albert, Pigtails, Crutchie, Race, Muriel, Hazel, Specs, Morris, Oscar, Les, Weisel, Snyder, Ada, Olive, Ethel. Also Treyson O, Charlotte F, Jordyn H, Payton H,  and anyone listed in the ensemble that has not had a rehearsal yet. Pick up at 5 pm.

    Wednesday 11/9 - No rehearsal
    Thursday - 11/10 - No school

    10/31 - Happy Halloween to everyone! The link below is the poster for Jackson Liberty's Fall production of "Charlotte's Web." If you have a chance, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, make your way over and support the theater and our former club members! Our buddy Savannah, who helped us every rehearsal and performance last year, will be playing Charlotte, so let's return the favor and cheer her on!  Poster

    Rehearsal Schedule

    Monday 10/31 -No rehearsal. Go trick or treating! FYI, Mr Vaughn is partial to 100 Grand bars, Mr G keys on Reese’s. Have fun, be careful. 🙂👻

    Wednesday 11/2 - Prologue & Scene 1. A lot, if not all the newsies are in this scene. (Les, Davey, Race, Albert, Nancy, Specs, Pigtails, Muriel, Hazel, Buttons, Tommy Boy, Romeo) along with Oscar, Morris, Wiesel. We need the following ensemble members to attend also: Daniel Calabrese, Mikayla Evans, Brianna Kosarin, Lorelei Forman, Aiden Torres, Elizabeth Nudelman. Everyone please have a handle on “Carrying The Banner.” 5 pm pick up.

    Thursday 11/3  - Scenes 6 & 8. 3:40 late bus

    10/28 - Remember to hand in your signed contract and the club fee!


    10/23 - Hope everyone is having a great weekend despite the crummy weather today. Mr. Gliatta and I are wondering if anyone knows somebody who would like to run the music for the show. It’s a full-time gig as that person needs to be at all rehearsals and shows. Please let us know as soon as possible. Thanks!

    Rehearsal Schedule

    Monday 10/24 - Full cast in the IMC. Details on our annual fundraiser with rehearsal to follow. . Since we have everyone there we will rehearse Scene 1. All newsies, take some time this weekend to familiarize yourself with the song Carrying The Banner. Pick up at 5 pm

    Wednesday 10/26 - Scenes 3 & 4. In scene 3 there will be newsies in the background but for today we only want the named characters. For scene 4: Medda, Ethel, Ada and Olive have a handle on the song Just A Pretty Face. 5 pm pick up

    Thursday 10/27  - Prologue & scene 10. 3:40 late bus

    10/20 - For the online club fee payment, click the banner to the left and follow the instructions on the right side of the screen. Cash or a check made out to "Jackson School District" is also accepted.

    10/17 - The cast list is to the left. Congratulations to everyone and we'll see you on Thursday @2:30 in the cafeteria.

    10/11 - Auditions on Wednesday and Thursday are in the Chorus Room. They will begin at 2:30 and go until 4 pm. Parental pickup is needed on both days.

    10/7 - <========The audition schedule is complete. Click on the banner to the left.

    10/7 - The school has just announced that late buses will start again next week! So, starting on Thursday 10/20, we will add Thursdays to our rehearsal schedule but everyone will go home on the late bus!

    9/30 - If you have a non-Windows based computer such as an Apple device, and cannot play the audition songs, please download and play the songs on "OPlayer Lite", which will automatically convert the songs so that they will play on your computer.

    9/28 - Drama Club meeting tomorrow at 2:30 in the cafeteria!


    9/21 - We will be having our Drama Club Kickoff meeting on Thursday, September 29th at 2:30 in the cafeteria! The meeting will last until 3:30 and will require parental/guardian pick up! Please make sure you have arranged a ride. If you cannot make the meeting but are still interested in joining, see Mr. Vaughn in rm 217 or Mr. Gliatta in rm 109. See you then!


    We are looking forward to this year's show!  Please join our Remind group Newsies 2022-2023 using the code @cmadrama23.