• 1/25 - We are still not sure how we will be presenting our performance this year. I think the only thing we can depend on is that it will not be in front of a live audience. We have several options open to us. I will let you know when we a decision is made.


    1/19 - Drama club sign-ups have commenced. If your homeroom/classes are downstairs, the sign-up sheet is in the IMC. If you are upstairs, the sheet is in the mail slot outside of room 220. This sheet is only to gauge your interest; it is not a commitment from you. Auditions and requirements will be posted soon. We have no set date for the show yet, but a late May date is probable. Sad to say but since we are starting so late, we will be running our rehearsals at the same time as Winter/Spring sports and cheerleading, so it will be almost impossible to accommodate anyone doing those activities. Please keep this in mind if you also play a recreational sport outside of school in the spring.

    New club members should know that we rehearse by specific scene. For instance, if we are only rehearsing scenes 1 & 2 on a particular day, only those characters in that scene will be required to attend. This year our rehearsals will run Monday through Thursday from 2:30 - 4:30. (This is subject to change) This means that you must be able to get a ride back and forth to McAuliffe on the days of your rehearsal. There will also be some Saturday rehearsals since that is the only time we have the room to fit the entire cast.

    A more detailed sheet will be posted on the club page soon.



    1/14 - The Drama Club has gotten the ok to begin! As this announcement has taken me by surprise there are a lot of details to still work out. I will probably try to get on Wake-Up McAuliffe to make the official announcement. IT IS TIME TO KEEP CHECKING THE CLUB PAGE EVERY DAY!


    1/11/21 - Attention 8th graders! There is still time to apply to the Liberty Arts Acadamies. If you have any interest please do so soon.