• 11/16   <------- Please see the Fundraiser/B'way details to the left.

    11/16 - Unfortunately due to weather related travel and our early

    dismissal yesterday, Mr. Messina from Ashley Farms had to rush

    through his presentation to the students. If there are any questions

    please contact Mrs. Cholak or Mr. Vaughn. 


    11/15 - Parents, thanks for your flexibility with the

    surprise shutting down in the middle of our rehearsal



      10/29 - Hello parents! 

    This year we are seeking some help with costuming. We are looking for

    a few creative thinkers to help us put some of our costume ideas

    together, as well as a few sewers to bring our ideas to fruition.  Our

    goal is to have our actors in clothing that gives the "feel" of their animal

    character without actually putting them in an animal costume. If you

    feel you can help us in this manner, please send an email to

    scholak@jacksonsd.org, and I will put you on the list to contact for an

    upcoming parent meeting. Your help and support of our program is very

    much appreciated. Thank you!! 


    Rehearsal Schedule



    All cast members called this week should be familiar with the songs in

    your scene!!!!