• 11/21: The order form (the white envelope, filled out) and monies collected is due the Monday

    we return from Thanksgiving holiday, December 2nd. We will gladly accept it

    beforehand if you feel you are done. Right now, expected delivery is around December


    11/19: Much to our shock we have sold out our seats to the B'way trip faster than

                ever before!

    This is the first time before the last day that we have ever filled up. Congratulations to everyone

    attending the show. We are starting a wait list. Last year we had 4 or 5 members on the wait list

    attend the show. Remember that you receive $20 off for every $100 sold so don't stop

    after reserving your seat and everyone is still eliglible for the Ashley Farms prizes.  


    50 seats reserved, 0 remaining.

    Broadway trip info: The following club members have sold $100 of Ashley Farms products and

    shown their order forms to Mrs. Beldowicz: Kaitlyn Harak, Danielle Lagary, Kristine Van Name,

    Alexandra Ricciardi, Haley East, Susie Guida, Ryan Eitel, Ryley Fusco, Jordan Frizziola, Ava Tirri,

    Sienna Giovanetti, Alissa Coburger, Hayden Duarte, Reganne O'Donnell, Maggie Braun, Amanda

    Cerino, Riley Maynor, Maggie Cappucci, Maria Bolcato, Katie Yurgel, Virginia Iadanza, Gianna

    Iadanza, De'lia Hassell, Michelle Kagramian, Jason Lin, Brielle Ortiz, Maggie Lopez, Sophia

    Cabrera, Melissa Diamond, Jillian Cassidy, Aleyla Torres, Brandi Pica, Hailey

    Espino, Julia Knuth, Charlee Brownfield, Samantha Barth, Christine Gardocki, Mary's Said,

    Alexandra Zumpano, Sophia Volpe, Brooklyn Caruana, Katie Russo, Lily Genovese, Josie

    Mancilla, Briana Friedman, Alison Apresa, Kelly Clark, Jasmine Frey, Yana Kelyman, Gianna

    Giles.... Please remember that to remain eligible for the trip, you must be a member of the club

    in good standing. If you are removed from the club for any reason, you will also forfeit the trip.


    ***Just a reminder, especially for the new members. I know it seems that rehearsals are few

    and far between, but things will pick up when we return from Thanksgiving holiday. When we

    return we start with 5pm Thursday pickups and our first Saturday rehearsal (9am-1pm).



    Rehearsal Schedule:


    Monday 11/17 - Scene 1 (the same group as from 10/28)


    Tuesday 11/18 - No Rehearsal - Half Day


    Thursday 11/20 - No Rehearsal - Half Day