• Builders Club is a community service group. We organize events, fundraise to donate to organizations, visit Bartley Healthcare monthly to visit with residents,run food drives, and so much more! Students in all grades are welcome to join.


    Our Gift Auction Basket will be "Gotta Care About Your Hair"



    • Brush- Katie
    • Comb- Gianna
    • Ponytail holders- Danielle
    • Gel- Ryan
    • Hairspray- Ava
    • Scrunchies- Isabella, Tamerah
    • Shampoo - Sue Hee
    • Dry Shampoo- Kylah
    • Conditioner- Sue Hee
    • Bobby pins- Katie, Michelle
    • Headbands- Melissa, Becca
    • Headwraps- Sue Hee
    • Hair Towels- Emma
    • Bows-Becca
    • Clips- Emma
    • Banana Clips- Kylah

    Even if you didn't sign up for one of these items, please consider donating. We can have multiples of each item. 



    Upcoming Meetings...


    • Wednesday, 1/30- Bartley Trip 


    • Wednesday, 2/6- Executive Board Only
    • Wednesday, 2/13- General Meeting for All 
    • Wednesday, 2/27- Bartley Trip 


    Questions- contact Mrs. O'Neill at mdoneill@jacksonsd.org

  • Meeting Schedule

    All meetings will be held in room 117 from 2:30pm-3:30pm. Students will take the 3:40 bus home. 

    Executive meetings are only for the 7 students that are on the Executive Board.

    General meetings are for all students in Builders Club.