• May 26, 2020


    Hello my Johnson and Crawford artist friends and parents....

    Yeah!!!! Summer is almost here!!!!!!

     Please know that I completely understand the stress in remote learning and being home. I am currently home with two VERY energetic children who are deeply missing their friends and daily activities at school and working...and I totally get it. I do not want to add to your stress load.

    For art........we are keeping it fun, simple and creative.....

    This week ( last week of May) will be our last week of hands-on activities. The next two weeks we will have a virtual museum tour week and then a make-up week (to give you time incase there were any other projects you want to complete).

     All lessons are on my Remote Teacher Page

       *There is NO Weekly TIME FRAME to complete lessons. Things will continuously be updated and the options will increase for achievement.

     Also- please post your art works and any creations you have made into our Art Google Classroom (the code is 6bpxdh5)  I can't wait to see them! I hope that we can share them as a Jackson School Community.

    My email is DEhlers@jacksonsd.org in case you would like to reach out to me personally at home. 

    Enjoy the Sunshine ......No stress.......and HAVE FUN CREATING!