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    Our kindergarten program features a developmentally appropriate approach to learning and an intense emphasis on activities that promote early literacy. The curriculum is organized and integrated around themes and focuses on the wide use of language, speaking and the early stages of the writing process. The use of Big Books and many hands-on science and math activities incorporate the fine arts to provide a balanced and enriching program.


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  • Math Topic 9:  Count Numbers to 20

    Count and Write 11 and 12

    Count and Write 13, 14, and 15

    Count and Write 16 and 17

    Count and Write 18, 19, and 20

    Count Forward from any Number to 20

    Count to Find How Many

    Math Practices and Problem Solving:  Reasoning

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  • Supplies Needed:

    Runny nose season is in full swing.  Donations of tissues are always welcome!!

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  • Reading Workshop Week of March 18-22

    This week in Reading Workshop, we will be learning:

    Readers Need Extra-Strength Reread Power to Bring Their Books to Life

    Readers Need to Use New Kinds of Picture Power

    What is an Avid Reader?

    Reacting to Books



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  • Writing Workshop Week of March 18-22

    This week in Writing Workshop, we will be learning:

    Writers Generate Topic Ideas for All About Writing

    Telling Facts Across Fingers

    Writing Facts About a Topic


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  • Writing Workshop 3/25-29

    This week in Writing Workshop, we will be learning:

    Writing an Introduction

    Making Our Wtiting Easy to Read

    Writing About a Picture

    Writers Use Descriptive Words

    Writing More on a Page



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  • Reading Workshop 3/25-3/29

    This week in Reading Workshop, we will be learning:

    Talking and Thinking with Partners

    Avid Readers Reach for Just-Right Words to Describe Feelings

    Avid Readers Reflect and Set Goals for Themselves

    Avid Readers Make Playdates

    Playing Pretend



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  • Our sight words for the week are:

    saw, little

    Sght words taught to date: go, stop, yes, no, I, a, the, can, be, me, my, we, look, see, us, this, is, here, he, she, boy, girl, him, her, his, mom, say, said, did, come, with, will, play, was, for, at, am, as, an, if, of, or, all, ball, jump, do, not, get, got, you, your, our, it, in, sit, sat, up, so, on, eat, read, run, ran, man, have, they, are

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  • Our class is signed up for Remind 101.  

    Send a text to 81010

    Send this message:





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  • Show your school Spirit with every Friday with school colors!!

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  • Please remember to label all lunch boxes, coats, folders, etc..

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  • Barlow's Class Schedule

     Group A

    Monday:  Library

    Tuesday:  Art and Technology

    Wednesday:  Gym

    Thursday:  Music

    Friday:  Art

    Group B

    Monday:  Technology

    Tuesday:  Library and Technology

    Wednesday:  Gym

    Thursday:  Art

    Friday:  Music


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