**We are a peanut, treenut, and sesame free classroom. Please note that sesame free includes sesame oil and flour. In order to ensure all of our friends are safe, please carefully read ingredients before sending in food with your child. Thank you for your cooperation.**

    There are 25 students in our class. 

    We have lunch everyday at 12:10 pm. When sending in birthday treats, please make sure they are at the reception by that time. 


    Dates to Remember: 

    Friday, May 10th: Plant Sale

    Specials Schedule

    Monday: Computers

    Tuesday: Music

    Wednesday: Gym

    Thursday: Art

    Friday: Library


    List of Suggested Supplies

    3 folders

    3 composition notebooks

    2 boxes of crayons

    2 packages or more of post-its

    1 pencil box filled with pencils and erasers

    2 Dry erase markers

    Glue sticks

    1 pair of headphones

    Donations of tissues, post-its, glue sticks, and hand sanitizer are always appreciated!