• Dear Parents,

    I would like to welcome you and your child to 1st Grade at Johnson School! I am very excited to be a part of your child’s educational experience. There are so many new and wonderful things that we will be discovering. I can’t wait to begin our journey.

    I will be welcoming a new baby to my family this August, so I will be staying home a little while to take care of her. I look forward to meeting you when I come back to school.

    I have included a name tag sticker for your child to wear on the 1st day of school. Please write my name on the sticker.  I will give each child a new name badge once they arrive. Please have them wear it to school for the 1st two weeks. Below is a list of supplies that would be helpful to begin the school year.

    I look forward to an amazing school year! I will post the contact email for my replacement as soon as I know. Until then, feel free to contact me at danastasia@jacksonsd.org

    Suggested items:

    *1 hard pencil case     *2 folders (side pockets)

    *1- 1/2 inch 3 ring binder     *1 pkg of post it notes

    *pen (any color, but red)        *highlighter

    *black Sharpie marker         *box of tissues

    *pair of earbuds (used for Chrome books)

    Please send in a healthy snack for your child daily.


    Mrs. Anastasia