• April






    Color Run

    Come out and participate in Johnson's most anticipated event... The Color Run!  Join the race with your classmates, parents, siblings, and teachers!  This event is meant to bring the Jackson community together for an enjoyable, fun day out.  

    Thursday, April 11 from 4:45-5:45 PMoutside of the Johnson School.


     *Some Important Event Info*

    Don't forget to bring a towel to wipe clean or sit onfor the car ride home.

    Please remember to protect your electronic deviceswhile participating in the race.

    *This is NOT a DROP OFF EVENT - Children MUST be accompanied by an ADULT*


    Food Drive

    The Spring Food Drive will be taking place from April 15-17.  Any and all donations are welcomed, but each grade is being asked to bring in specific items to better create bundles for each family.

    *KINDERGARTEN is in charge of SNACKS*

    Including but not limited to; Applesauce Cups, Granola Bars, Chips, Popcorn, Fruit Snacks, etc...



    The Kindergarteners will be learning about and celebrating ARBOR DAY on Wednesday, April 17.




    We will have a SHORTENED DAY (9:25 AM - 1:55 PM) on Thursday, April 18.  Walkers will be dismissed at 1:45 PM.

    Spring Break will begin on Friday, April 19 and we will return Monday, April 29!!!

    *HAVE FUN*















    • Reading

      Please continue to send your children in with their reading bags on Fridays. 

      Keep the 'Reading Finger' inside the reading bag as well, this helps us when we point to the words we are reading.  


      Readers Workshop
      In class during our readers workshop time, we are learning how to be a Reader. 
      We are learning that there are 3 ways to read a book...
      1. Look at the pictures
      2. Look at the words
      3.  Retell the story

       sight words

      Each week, we will introduce 2-3 sight words. Sight words are words that your child will see in their leveled reading books. Each week, we will send home flash cards of the words for that week.   Please keep these in a safe place and review them daily. 



      Writers Workshop
      Writer's Workshop is a designated time each day where students become “authors”.
      After each mini-lesson students will have independent writing time where they will choose their own topic for their writing and have an opportunity to practice skills and strategies taught in the mini lesson. By giving the students choices in their topics, the writing becomes authentic, engaging, and meaningful. During this independent writing time the teacher will be meet with individuals or small groups to conference and encourage their growth as authors.
      Students will learn to write, revise, edit, and publish stories throughout the school year. They will also begin to assess their own writing and learn to implement the characteristics of quality writing into their own work.
      In the spring, we will showcase students’ writing during our “Johnson School Author's Night”. Students will have opportunities to share some of their published stories with their parents and celebrate their accomplishments.

      Social Studies Unit

      Neighborhoods and Towns



      Thank you always!



       Please keep sending in written notes if there is any change in your child's dismissal schedule.

      Continue to send me written notes & lunch money if you'd like your child to purchase school lunch or snack