JLHS Track
  • 4 Point Start Basics


    Fast Leg Speed Drills

    Great drill to work on speed.

    The coaching cues that Coach Thomas shares in the video are as follows:

    1. Recover the heel

    2. Step over the knee

    3. Drive the foot down and into the ground so that it lands under the hip

    4. Stay tall. The athlete should not bend their torso forward and “dip”

    Mark of approximately 30 meters. Have the athlete execute the fast leg drill with one leg as many times as they over the 30 meter distance.  Go slow and do the drill correctly.


    A-March Drill Breakdown

    Learning the basics of the A-March with no arms is critical:

    1. Chin up, head up
    2. Knee up, toe up. heel up
    3. Recover the heel up under the butt
    4. Step over the knee of the support leg
    5. Drive the leg down into the ground so that it lands under the hip.
    6. The ball of the foot should hit before the heel

    Once the A-March no arms is mastered, add the arm action but still remain in place. Go slow and gradually increase intensity. From this drill progress to the single leg A-skip in place with no arms. After several reps switch to the other leg and then begin alternating legs while staying in one place. Finally have the athlete A-Skip with no arms moving forward. Not shown, but of course the next step would be the A-skip moving forward with arms.