• High Jump Technique & Drill Videos


    Raising The Bar - Perfect High Jump Technique

    Featuring high jump coach Fuzz Caan, and elite athletes Robbie Grabarz and Marco Fassinotti for a lesson in perfect high jump technique.



    Aspects of the High Jump

    In this Pro Tips 4U video, Jaime Nieto, Olympic high jumper shows you aspects of the high jump. If you want to learn the high jump or are looking for tips to get better this is an important video. Learn the secrets of being technically sound, the different take-off methods, plus which one Jaime uses and why. Also you’ll learn how to jump at the bar, what you should do as you fly over, when to tuck your knees and what part of the body you should ultimately land on.



    Exceptional Take Off Drills to Increase Your High Jump

    The takeoff is just one critical component of the high jump that must be practiced. Takeoff progressions drills can help develop coordination, elastic strength, posture, and ground force production as well as plyometric development for the moment of takeoff.  In this post you will see takeoff drills that are great for beginners as well as more experienced jumpers.

    In the video Jim VanHootegem, current Oklahoma Head Track and Field Coach and former Texas A&M Asst. Coach, takes you through a simple yet effective series of drills designed to help with the takeoff.

    Author: Jim VanHootegem   
    Length: 4:00