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    • Welcome to Mrs. Gilmore & Mrs. Magee's Class!

      3rd grade is a fun year and we are going to learn so much together! 


    Kindergarten / Important Dates




    LCES Fall Book Fair - Lewis and Clark Elementary School

    Book Fair:Thursday Feb. 24th

    We’re excited to invite you to our upcoming Scholastic Book Fair. Hosted by our staff, this event is an opportunity for students of all ages to build their home libraries and further their love of reading. As always, all purchases benefit our school.

    After missing out on many beloved traditions, our fall Book Fair will be a familiar, welcome,and safe event for our students. Here’s what you need to know about the Fair:


    • Our Book Fair offers a cash-free payment option called eWallet. It’s a convenient digital

    account that your child can use for shopping at our Fair. Grandparents, friends, and

    others can contribute, too!

    • If you can’t make it to the Fair, then shop online at our school’s Virtual Book Fair. All

    orders ship directly to your home, and shipping is free for book orders over $25.

    Your online orders will also benefit our school.

    Visit our Book Fair homepage to learn more and get started with eWallet and

    online shopping:





    February 15th

    100th Day of School!

    Dress up like you are 100 years old


    Twin Day Feb.22nd 


    March 18th

    Switlik Panthers Spirit Day

    Wear your school spirit/black & red colors

                   April 29th                 

    Crazy Sock Day!

    Wear your craziest socks

    May 27th

    USA Day!

    Show your patriotism and  Red, White & Blue!





    We believe that a great parent-teacher relationship is necessary for a successful school year. 


    Our Emails:

    Mrs. Gilmore:  fgilmore@jacksonsd.org

      Mrs. Magee:     semagee@jacksonsd.org

    Class Dojo - Stafford Elementary School

    Class DOJO: We will be utilizing Class Dojo for an easy messaging system, class story (so you as a parent/guardian can see some of the things we do each day), and as a behavior management tool (ability to earn points towards rewards) All invite information will come home the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.  Please join as soon as possible!!!   It is a GREAT place to message us with anything you may need.

    Google Classroom: Our google classroom is where assignments and lessons will be posted throughout the year and where students will submit their assignments if they or the class needs to go virtual. We will be using it for other assignments within the classroom as well.

    Please make sure you join our Google Classroom ASAP!


    Class Page: Our class page will be updated with any important information that is happening in the classroom and announcements that pertain to the class, school, and community. 


    *PARENTS:  Please send me an email (fgilmore@jacksonsd.org) so we have the BEST email to reach you at throughout the year.*









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    8:55-9:20 Morning Meeting

     9:20-10:35  Math 

    10:35-11 Bathroom Break/Mask Break/Recess

    11-11:30 WIN

    11:35-12:05 Lunch 

      12:10-12:45 SS/Science/ELL/Writing 

    12:45-1 Bathroom Break/Mask Break

    1-1:40 SPECIAL

    1:45-3:10 Fundations/Literacy/Writing


    Mrs. Tobias / Specials


     Monday: Art

    Tuesday: Computers

    Wednesday: Media

    Thursday: Music

    Friday: Gym

     Toddings, Teresa / Special Schedule



    Android App Testing on Chromebooks – Professionally Evil Insights


    Charged Chromebooks MUST come to school EVERY day!!! 

    Please make sure they are fully CHARGED

    Leave chargers AT HOME.


    About Our School / About Our School

     Please come to school with your PLANNER every day. 

    **Due to planners not having arrived yet, we will continue to use the weekly Homework sheet**

    Planners will be used as a DAILY form of communication.  Your child will be responsible for writing homework, assignments, and tests in their planner each day.  



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    school supplies

    Back To School Clipart School Backpack Clip Art Clipartwiz - Pack Backpack  Clip Art , Transparent Cartoon, Free Cliparts & Silhouettes - NetClipart

    We have provided everything your child needs to have a successful year in 3rd grade. If you would like to bring in a small pencil case to keep inside their desks please make sure it is labeled with their name on it. It is also recommended to have an extra mask or 2 kept in your child's backpack incase one gets misplaced or dirty. Please remember that it is mandatory that children wear masks all day. 

    The students are also encouraged to bring in a water bottle each day. We will not have access to the water fountain due to the current situation, so we kindly ask that a water bottle be sent in everyday (must be water, juice will be allowed in the lunchroom).  

    Chromebooks: Please bring your charged chromebook to scool each day. 

    Binder: We will be providing a binder for stundets within the first few first days. This binder is to come back and forth with them to school everyday. We will keep all of of work in this binder, Please do not remove any papers from the binder, we will remove papers in school when they can stay at home.

     Homework Folder: We will be providing a folder for students on the first day. This folder is to come back and forth with them to school everyday. Please use this folder to send in important notes and/or homework. 

    Art Smock (optional): Please label with their name


    Since our desk storage space is limited, we ask that students refrain from bringing in large binders or multiple notebooks, folders, and supplies. Also, please no toys.

    *Please try to encourage your child to memorize their bus number and student id number*



    The best gift that you and I can give your child is the support that they need to MEMORIZE their multiplication facts. Memorization of facts frees up all of their working memory so that they can concentrate on the bigger task - solving the real problem before them. 



    Catholic Schools of Fairbanks News - Catholic Schools of Fairbanks 

    To notify the office of a dismissal change for your child, please print and fill out the following document. Please send in the note the DAY of the dismissal change.
    If you hand in a handwritten note, please be sure to include your child's full name, the date, and teachers name on your letter.

    Big Rainbow Dots Straight Borders 




    If your child is absent, please send in a note. If they are sick and see a doctor, please send in a doctors note to have it be excused. Thank you! 


     These Chromebooks won't get support for Linux apps -- here's why

    Chromebooks have been provided to each student for use at home and in school for the duration of the school year. Please remember to bring your chromebooks to school each day and charge every night so they are accessible for in person and remote learning. Please review chromebooks protocol and expectations below:

     Pearson Envision Math 2.0 Grade K~ 8 Volume 1, Volume 2 (2016 ...



    Pearson Math Access!


    Please use the following while you are at home:


    Xtra Math Clipart           iXL Math | LEAD Commission



    Library - Hebrew Academy OC 


    Lesson Plans & Activities | PebbleGo by Capstone

    Username: switlik
    Password: school



    Free Educational Sites 

    Wonderopolis: Every day this site shares a new wonder, submitted by kids, and the answer, in an article with a video.

    National Geographic Kids: Games, articles, and videos about animals and nature.

    Mystery Doug: Video science lessons and activities

    Typing Club: Use your time at home to learn keyboarding skills!

    Scholastic Learn at Home: Daily learning projects from Scholastic, geared for different grade levels

    Explore Animal Webcams: Observe animals live on webcams from around the world

    Virtual Museum Tours: Take a free virtual museum tour of a famous place, like the British Museum in London

    Hour of Code: Learn coding skills with an hour of code activity.

    Design Squad Global: Watch PBS Design Squad videos, to learn about science and engineering challenges

    Khan Academy: Free online video lessons in math and other subjects

    Crash Course Kids: Elementary school science videos

    Family Activity Ideas

    Indoor Activities for Kids Stuck at Home: Buzzfeed lists 27 fun activities for kids home from school

    70 Educational Activities: A former homeschooler shares 70 educational activities you can do when you're stuck indoors.

    Podcasts: Listen to a podcast together. Common Sense Media curated this list of best podcasts for kids.

    Cosmic Kids Yoga: Stay active as you practice yoga together.

    Distance Reading Book Bingo: Read together and complete this bingo board!










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    As per school district rules-- NO BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS CAN BE GIVEN OUT IN SCHOOL!


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    We will be dancing during our "Brain Breaks." These breaks give us a chance to move and focus our brains for the next task. We use GoNoodle which is a website with different fun videos to get us moving! You and your family can try it at home. Here is a link:  https://www.gonoodle.com
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    In our classroom, we will work hard to be "Bucket Fillers", not "Bucket Dippers"!

    But what are "Bucket Fillers" & "Bucket Dippers"?

    We're going to read the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

    Image result for bucketfilling

    This book tells the story how everyone, all over the world, carries an invisible bucket with them. The way that we treat others can fill their buckets when we are kind, or we can dip from their buckets when we use unkind words and actions. Other people can fill or dip from our buckets too.

    In the first few days of school, we will spend time learning how we can fill other peoples' buckets and learning how to avoid dipping from them! You'll be able to fill your friends' buckets in our classroom by writing positive notes to them and using kind words!

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    Please note that our classroom is a nut-free classroom. Please do not send any tree nut or peanut containing products to your child’s classroom during classroom celebrations or as a snack each day. We are asking your assistance in providing these students with a safe learning environment. Thank you for your cooperation! 


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    School Store
    Students can shop on during their lunch period.  Price List