• Goetz Innovation Station

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    Join us for our Goetz Family STEM Night - May 24 2022

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    • New dynamic, modern furniture - made exclusively for STEAM-style projects.
      • Magnetic dry-erase table tops
      • Balance boards to keep your mind AND body busy!
      • Stadium style seating for group screen sharing
      • Multiple storage options to organize and track parts, or accessories
      • "Diner-style" seating to easily collaborate and work in groups
    • FormLabs Form 3 - 3D Printer
      • State-of-the-Art Low Force Stereolithography Technology produces incredible surface detail, surface finish, support structures, and part accuracy.
      • SLA 3D printers use a laser to cure liquid resin into hardened plastic in a process called photopolymerization.
      • High quality resin produces affordable, quick prototypes on any scale.
    • GlowForge Laser Engraver / CNC
      • Laser Engrave almost ANY object using a precision laser (even chocolate!)
      • Laser Cut up to 1/2" material (metal, wood, cardboard)
    • Cricut Maker
      • Allows students and clubs to create an unlimited array of arts and crafts projects using a wide variety of materials.
      • Accessories include a mug heat press, a shirt heat press to make professional looking designs within minutes!
    • Pi-Top Rasberry Pi 4s
      • Learn python coding using the Linux Desktop environment with these powerful mini PCs
      • Use the foundational kit to learn about electronics and controlling external components
    • Veative VR Headsets
      • Take abstract concepts and visualize them in a fully immersive 3D space.
    • LocoRobo Drones
      • Learn how to build, code and fly mini racing drones in a national competition!