• National Junior Honor  Society is a club designed to assist in the creation of  strong leaders for the future. Members are selected based upon their grade point average, (95 or higher in all academic subjects and atleast a 90 in all electives). Our executive board begins this process after the third marking period grades are posted.  The candidates will be contacted as soon as this initial process is complete and the next phase is ready.

    From that selection point, potential members will begin a process that includes teacher recommendations, community services affiliations as well as completion of an essay. All of these components must be completed according to a strcit guideline as to ensure a timely induction ceremony. There will be no exceptions!

    This years members were selected and inducted in May 2020.

    Members are all eighth graders and all have met the above criteria.

    Our society organizes, participates and attend many fundraisers, school functions and community events. Our members pride themselves on becoming leaders and focus on giving back to both their school and community.

    This year 2020-2021 is presenting me with a few "different" situations.

    We will work hard and continue to the best of our ability to have the best time as we strive to perservere through any and all situatuons as they present themselves.

    Whether you have chosen on line learning or in person, you will have the oppurtunity to be an active member in NJHS. We are all in this togehter, we will overcome all challenges and continue to be the BEST group possible.

    Keep an open mind and open heart and follow my lead....We will make a difference.

    I am looking forwardto working with all of you!

    Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at  sfisk@jacksonsd.org 

    Thank you!
    Stacey Fisk

    Advisor, NJHS

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    It's official- Our 2018-2019 Executive Board has been electedand are working hard.

    President Amanda Mollica will assist in leading us to another great year!

    We have/will:

    Raise money for Kansas City Community Project for veterans.

    Assisted with all school initiatives

    Host a Flapjack fundraiser , date-2/10/19

    Host a Chic Fil A school night , date 3/21/19

    Assist with PTN gift auction

    Host a staff salad bar fudraiser

    Attend a broadway show in NYC

    Continue our peer tutoring to help struggling students feel confident in their work

    donate to causes as needed

    donate our time to academic bowl






    Stacey Fisk 

    732 833- 4610