Parents and players  download "Remind app @77h4bh for Goetz Boys Soccer practice/game information and cancellations. I'm still working on this site, so please refer to this Goetz Boys Soccer web-site too! 

    Thank you,

    Coach Sims

    Attention parents and players: Anyone player that purchase Goetz Boys Soccer apparel it will be delivered tomorrow, September 27th.

    2017 Goetz Boys Soccer Team

     *All players are encouraged to go for extra help prior to practice/home games when needed!

    Game/Practice schedule for September (Please check Schedule Star for game schedule and any changes.)

    (All practices will be at Goetz unless notified from Coach Sims)

    All away games a bus will be provided back to Goetz.

    All practices will be from 2:30-4:45 (unless announced)

    Tuesday, September 26 practice

    Wednesday, September 27 Game Home Veterans Middle school 3:30

    Thursday, September 28 practice

    Friday, September 29 practice

    Monday, October 2, practice

    Tuesday, October 3, Game away Central

    Wednesday, October 4,  practice

    Thursday, October 5, Game away TR East

    Friday, October 6 practice

    Monday, October 9 Holiday no practice

    Tuesday, October 10 Game away TR South

    Wednesday, October 11 practice until 3:40

    Thursday, October 12 Game home TR North

    Friday, October 13 practice Wall game is cancelled

    Monday, October 16 practice

    Tuesday, October 17 Game home Southern

    Wednesday, October 18 practice

    Thursday, October 19 Game home TR East rescheduled from 10/26

    Friday, October 20 practice

    Monday, October 23 Game away Veterans Middle School

    Tuesday, October 24 Practice

    Wednesday, October 25 Practice

    Thursday, October 26 Practice

    Friday, October 27 Game Home Lakewood



    Thank you,

    Coach Sims

    email: kmsims@jacksonsd.org

  • Atttention parents and players physicals will be on June 15. Site and time TBA.  




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