Hi everyone, 

    Please stay safe during this Remote Learning Period. I can't wait to be back in school and have our next in person meeting. You guys have done a great job all year! 

    PLEASE Check out Meetings Page for VIRTUAL FBLA ACTIVITIES EACH WEEK! You can complete this at home :) 



    Poster Contest Posters!



    The purpose of FBLA is to provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, promote community service, and develop a sense of personal responsibilities.  Through a variety of activities students will work with peers and members of the greater community to develop confidence, competency, and leadership abilities to apply to all future endeavors.  

    Fast Facts about FBLA:

    Advisor- Miss Sorochka (ksorochka@jacksonsd.org)

    Congrats to our Student Elected Executive Board (2019-2020)!

    Club President: Emma Sosner

    Club Vice President: Shaun Hubbard

    Club Treasurer: Gabriella Delgardio

    Club Communications Manager: Sofia Stamogiorgos


    PARENTS- Sign up for REMIND to help your FBLA students attend meetings and events :)