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Mission Statement

  • Our mission statement is to explore your own individual background and while educating others through multiple formats, during different themed months of the school year.

Group Objective

  • Our objective as a goup is to celebrate multicultural backgrounds and take action to promote cultural sensitivity, awareness, tolerance, and understanding. 

Monthly Themes

  • January-Different Family Structures and Traditions

    February-Black History Month

    March-Women's History Month

     April- Religious awareness

     May-World Cultural Day (World’s Fair)


    July-Mental Health Awareness

    August-Self Awareness/ Who YOU are 

    September-Spanish Heritage and Family Trees/ Ancestry

    October-Indigenous Peoples

    November-Immigrant Experience (Italy, Mexico, etc..)

    December-Poverty in the Community




Degrees and Certifications:

Lyndsay Salustro

7th Grade Special Education and Literacy