Staying Safe on Social Media
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    Think Before You Share -

    Think Before You Share

    To help create the best version of your online story, remember to think before you share. Anything you post online can be forwarded, copied, and found, and travel farther than you intended it to. What you share, and who you share it with, can end up saying a lot about you. So remember to be thoughtful!

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  • Using Social Networks Safely

    Using Social Networks Safely

    Social networking sites are more popular than ever, and they've changed the way people use the Internet. Some of the most popular sites are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These sites allow people to keep in touch with their friends, share links, plan events, and more.

    For many teens and even younger kids, online social networking is an important part of their lives because it lets them talk to their friends no matter where they are. Social networks aren't a bad thing, but there are a few risks your kids will need to be aware of.

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