Welcome to Carl W. Goetz Middle School

  • Dear Goetz Families,

    On behalf of the Carl W. Goetz Middle school and the Jackson School District, I am happy to welcome you to the Carl W. Goetz Middle School web page.

    In Jackson, high academic, social and character education standards serve as the framework for board, district, and building objectives. Overall achievement test scores and report card grades reflect a high level of academic excellence and success. In addition to the important "basics," we place an emphasis on developing written expression skills and offering our students learning opportunities based on their individual needs.

    We continue to improve student achievement at all grade levels and to close achievement gaps where they exist. We consistently review our special education programs to ensure that every child's needs are met in accordance with their Individual Educational Program (IEP). The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards are actively addressed within the district through grade-level meetings, department meetings, and K-12 articulation within the district curriculum meetings. High district standards are frequently reinforced through a wide variety of instructional methods and materials. Our school district provides our staff with numerous in-service programs and exceptional instructional and curricular resources.

    The Carl W. Goetz Middle School has a master schedule which provides an increase in literacy instructional time and the opportunity for students to explore new educational opportunities. It affords the students the opportunity for further in-depth study of non-fictional works, exploration of varied reading and writing techniques, self-reflection of work, and focus on varied unique educational while exposing them to varied and unique educational experiences in all classes.

    The Carl W. Goetz Middle School believes in educating the whole child and provides each student with diverse experiences enabling them to build character, gain knowledge, and become well-rounded members of society. We continue our commitment in creating a safe learning environment for our students and remain vigilant in preventing, bullying, harassment and intimidation.

    We are committed to reinforcing quality educational standards through various literacy initiatives which include academic vocabulary development, Socratic Seminar for the 8th grade, conferencing with students in 6th and 7th grade, and a continuation of the 6+1 Traits in writing. These initiatives are vital to the student's ability to focus on reading and gain higher level thinking skills.

    Our math programs provide students with the most current strategies and skills necessary for the increased attention in the mathematics standards. Our initiatives balance the conceptual understanding with procedural fluency which promotes a greater understanding of how mathematical concepts are connected to each other and to real-life.

    In addition to academic initiatives, students are able to explore various career opportunities by participating in grade appropriate Career Fairs and through our COIN Program which is a self-guided interest inventory. They also are afforded the opportunity to participate in numerous clubs and activities and are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities which may launch future prospects in life.

    Our education community believes that all students can learn and succeed. The educators of Goetz accept the responsibility of educating each child to his or her maximum potential. Our school will continue to offer formalized programs to assist students in reaching success as they progress through their years. 

    The administration and staff of Carl W. Goetz Middle School are committed to the continued growth and development of our students. Please peruse our web site to learn more about our school.