• Important Dates to note in the Month of May:

    • Monday, May 6th - Shortened Day 1:45 Dismissal
    • Tuesday, May 7th NJSLA Language Arts Testing
    • Wednesday, May 8th NJSLA Language Arts Testing
    • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday May14th - 16th NJSLA Math Testing
    • Monday & Tuesday: May 20th & 21st NJSLA Science Testing
    • Wednesday, May 22nd 6th Grade Orientation at Goetz
    • Wednesday, May 29th 5th Grade Field Trip
    • Friday, May 31st 5th Grade Field Day


    Here's a little bit about what's going on in the classes of room 205: 

    Advanced Math: Students just completed 2 topics on Measurement.  Students learned how to convert customary units of length, weight and capacity as well as convert metric units of length, mass, and capacity.  Students will now learn how to measure properly using a ruler (to the nearest 16th of an inch). 

    Literacy: Students have been learning how to proficiently write a literary essay.  Students read a piece of literature (short story) and learn to state a claim (something that the text teaches, or the main character learns in the story).  The claim becomes a thesis statement for the literary essay.  Then students must prove the claim with evidence from the text.  The evidence should be proven from parts of the story, reasons, or ways.  Each piece of evidence should be elaborated into a body paragraph where students use details and direct quotes to prove their claim exists in the story.  Finally, students end with a conclusion that helps bring the essay to a nice close.  

    Science: Students are learning about ecosystems.  Thus far, we have studied food chains, food webs, and the energy pyramid (10% rule). In addition, students have learned the names of all the members of an ecosystem, which include producers, first level consumers, secondary consumers, tertiary consumers, and decomposers.