Attached below for your reading pleasure is a very special edition of the Johnson Journal.  Nine of my W.I.N. Literacy students volunteered to work together (virtually) and publish a Quarantine Edition of the Johnson Journal.  The theme behind this unique publication is none other than Covid-19.  That’s right...all four article topics are related in some way to the global pandemic.  


    The titles and authors of each article are as follows:  Covid-19 for Kids by Kaiden DiNinno & Sadie Hersh, Mental Health by Victoria Tandari & Leah Romanowski, Remote Learning by Zoey Brullo & Daniel Dipierro, and Frontline Workers by Morgann Thomas, Khushneet Singh, and Anaiah Vaughan.  


    To help craft the articles students listened to podcasts, watched several videos, created and compiled results from Google Form surveys, and researched topics using a myriad of websites.  Two groups even participated in Google Meet interviews, one with a Pulmonary Doctor from Jersey Shore Hospital and another with a U.S. Postal worker from Lavalette. 


    Carrie Hogan and I held weekly Google Meet Hangouts where we provided the students with guidelines, feedback, and deadlines so students could work together toward our goal of publication prior to the final week of school.  


    We couldn’t be more proud of the nine students who were willing to take on this exciting, but yet challenging project which is why we wanted to share their work with all of you.  Please click the link below to access the Johnson Journal.  




    Travis Crozier

    Carrie Hogan


    Quarantine Edition of the Johnson Journal