The following is an update on what's been happening in Mr. Crozier's room (#205)


    Reader's Workshop - Unit 1 Interpretation - Analyzing Themes is coming to a close.  Students have wrapped up their book clubs and participated in several stimulated book club conversations.  Conversations where students shared their BIG IDEAS and thoughts about story elements such as characters, setting and possible themes.  Additionaly, they cited the text to prove their ideas lived in the text.  Titles of books that were read included - The BFG, Dog Song, Shiloh, The Jacket and The Bridge to Terabithia.  Students are currently working on specific skills such as how a part of a text is important to a whole story, auhtor's craft techniques and goals, two texts one theme, and one text with multiple themes.  Post Thanksgiving break we will be moving on to Unit 2 Complexity: Moving up the levels of Non Ficition.  


    Writing Workshop - Students have completed and published their personal narratives where they applied effective techniques of quality narrative writing.  These techniques included but were not limited to - strong leads, organization, use of transitional phrases, elaboration & craft, effective ending, and of course spelling/punctuation.  This week the class will complete the Post On-Demand Narrative writing test.  


    Science/Social Studies.  - On Monday the class will put to test their design challenge. Design groups were presented a problem of having just opened a new restaurant.  They're having problems thawing out the frozen steak fast enough for the famous cheesesteak and the ice cream is melting too fast. If this is not resolved, opening day and the restaurant will be ruined.  Using given materials students (in small groups) were to design and build two containers.  One to speed up the steak thawing process (make it melt) and one to slow the melting of the ice cream (keep it cool).  Hershey bars (steak) and ice cubes (ice cream) were used for the design challenge.  

    Upon completion of the challenge, we will transition into Social Studies and learn about the Westward Expansion.  Topics such as the Louisiana Purchase, Louis & Clark, Oregon Trail, Transcontinetial Railrad, and the Pony Express will about be explored. 


    W.I.N Literacy - It won't be long (early December) when the first edition of the 2019 - 2020 Johnson Journal will be released.  The class has been working hard researching, interviewing, and crafting their articles.  It promises to be a special edition.   


    Don't forget that Parent Teacher Conference week is next week, 11/19 to 11/21, evening conferences are being held on Wednesday 11/20. 

    Please do your best to adhere to signed up conference time. 

    The 19th through the 21st will be shortened days with dismissall at 1:50.