• At the start of the school year in our Reader's Workshop,  students will be introduced to the routines and procedures.  Our 90 minute Literacy time is such a precious part of the day because of all the learning that takes place.  In order for the workshop to run smoothly and effectively, we spend time in September discussing what is expected of students during mini-lessons/ Read Alouds  while they are on the carpet in the front of the room. Students are now familiar with what is expected of them during independent reading time.  We are now ready to begin our Reading Groups  which is the precious time spent with the teacher working on comprehension skills. 

    Students have become familiar with how to use the classroom library and how to choose  "Just right" books to read.  They learned  to jot notes before, during and after reading.  Students read in class for at least 15 -20 minutes  each day.   Students have also learned  how to write a response to a comprehension question about their reading using the RACE . R- restate the question, A- answer the question, CE- Cite evidence from the text to support their thinking 

    The  focus in 4th grade is on reading fluency, building comprehension, character studies, and expanding vocabulary.  

    Students are expected to continue to read for at least 20 minutes at home each day. (In the same book preferably)

    Unit 1 - Reading Realistic Fiction- will focus on interpreting characters, recognizing themes, and appreciating the author's craft.

    Unit 1 of the Writer's Workshop goes hand in hand with the Reading Workshop. Students have been reading realistic fiction, and will begin  writing their own realistic fiction narratives.


    Reading is fun!