• Our Unit of Study: 

    Insect Study



    We are learning about:

    A study of insects encourages children to explore a topic that is familiar to them and allows them to gather information, solve problems, imagine, and think symbolically. Children will explore different types of insects and investigate the characteristics of insects, how insects work together, how they keep themselves safe, and how they help the environment.

    How you can incorporate our study at home:

    Talk with your child about the different kinds of insects you see. If possible, examine harmless insects in your community. What features do they have? Point out interesting features, such as their colors or patterns, where they live, and how they move (ex. Flying, jumping). Talk about how some insects are harmless and some are dangerous. Help your child release captured insects after you’ve had a chance to explore them.


    Materials Needed for Donation:

    • Clear jars

    • Realistic toy insects

    • Nets

    • Honeycomb

    • Beekeeping garments or materials

    • Photos of insects