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    The Pets Study

    A study on pets not only offers opportunities for children to explore a topic that interests them, but also allows children to gather information, be more aware of the world around them, and solve problems. Children will explore many types of pets; investigate what pets eat, how they communicate, an what they need; observe people caring for pets; and learn about jobs related to caring for pets.

    How you can incorporate our Pets Study at home:

    Notice pets in your community. Be on the lookout for pets at the dog parks, on walks, in cars, and in homes. Ask to visit friends’ and families’ interesting pets. Talk about the kinds of animals you and  your child like. How does it make you feel to interact with a pet? If you have a pet at home, invite your child to help care for the animal. Together, feed the pet and fill water containers. Talk about what, how often, and how much your pet eats and drinks. 

    Materials Needed for Donation:

    • Pet-food containers

    • Pet carriers

    • Pet-food dishes and water bottles

    • Grooming materials

    • Cardboard shoe boxes

    • Pet enclosures (ex. fish bowl)