Enrollment Report and Status of Positive COVID-19 Cases

  • The dashboard below shows the status of enrollment in each of our learning programs and the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in each school (and the dates of each case).

    See Current Month's Dashboard Below, which has current month cases to date, and also a running total since September 2020.

    Click Image Below to Open Dashboard

    snapshot of enrollment dashboard

    The enrollment numbers will be updated monthly. The COVID cases will be updated as new cases arise.

    Please remember that the presence of multiple cases does not automatically require us to close a school. We consult with health officials on every case to determine the best course of action.

    For a breakdown of prior cases, see:


District Notification of Positive COVID Cases

  • COVID NOTIFICATIONS on DASHBOARD - Updated Dec. 14, 2020

    As this virus persists and we encounter more positive cases, each of us has become far too familiar with our school COVID-19 notifications. Moving forward, we will no longer be sending out the school-wide notifications and will focus on the daily updates to the district Enrollment and COVID-19 Cases Dashboard. This dashboard provides a more valuable, broader context of all of our cases district-wide.

    Our protocols are not changing - we will continue to:

    • Work with our nurses and health officials on every case to determine the safest course of action;
    • Personally notify anyone who was determined to be a close contact of the need to quarantine;
    • Continue to make the health and safety of our students and staff our first priority. If the facts, circumstances, or impact of any case or cases indicates that closing a school or the district for any amount of time is necessary, we will not hesitate to do so. 

    The dashboard will be updated with every positive case in our schools by the end of the work day. It will continue to be found within the Reopening Our Schools site and a link to it is also available:

    • On the district home page and on all school pages
    • By accessing this link - www.jacksonsd.org/dashboard
    • (NEW) On the top of the Daily COVID Health Screening Form filled out every day your children are in person.

    As you view the information on this page, please keep in mind that the presence of multiple cases in a school or in a district is concerning, but that the number of cases does not mean the virus is being spread inside our schools.


District Health and Safety Protocols