Gmail: Using Your Student Account - Video

  • Watch the Video Above for Helpful Information on How to Use your Student Gmail Account


    The Jackson School District has launched a new way for teachers and students to work together on collaborative learning. The first step was to connect our teachers to Google Apps for Education, which provides many useful tools to enhance instruction.

    The second step is to create Gmail accounts for our students. These accounts allow you to access many of the great Google applications that have been created to help us prepare you for college and for your future careers.

    With your new account, you will be able to:

    • Email your teachers and fellow students to communicate and share files.
    • Store files on your new Google Drive, which gives you access to your school work from anywhere, as long as you are connected to the Internet.
    • Use Google Docs to collaborate with other students on group projects and presentations in real-time, even if you are in different locations at the time it is created.
    • Use Google Calendar to stay organized with due dates for assignments, upcoming tests, and other important events. 

    Please remember that this is a school email account, not a personal email account.  You must use it responsibly and in accordance with our district's acceptable use policy.  Inappropriate language or use of your account will result in consequences, and all activity on your account can be monitored by school administration if needed. 

    Also, your email account is setup to be used only between school staff and other students.  This means you will only be able to communicate with people who have at the end of their email addresses.

    The video above will get you started, and you will be learning more about all the Goggle Apps for Education that will be available to us in your classrooms.

    If you are experiencing a problem with your account, let your teacher know about it so that they can get help to fix it. Good luck!